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October 10, 2012


Carole Robb Bisson

I have found such integrity and honor in the LDS's blogs and businesses. I am a Christian and am constantly blessed at this blog.

Judith Burnett (aka Kay)

Hey Sweet Brave Girl. Thank you for this beautiful message. My life is truly blessed all the more for having you in it. You are pure Joy. Don't ever forget that.

Julie S

You nailed it Christy. Thank you, I needed to hear it today again. /hugs

melissa johnson

Loved reading your post. I am glad to hear that God has given you comfort during your trials. I wanted to share something that I highlighted in a book I'm reading by Joel Osteen. He says "You can't have great victories without having difficult battles. You'll never have great testimony without going through a few tests...the Scripture says that God will bring you out with twice what you had before".
By you sharing your talents and yourself through your art, you have inspired and uplifted me, and many others. You are a blessing!! ((HUGS))


hi christy! and thank you! when reading this i started to cry (gee, hope i didn't ruin my new mac, its al wet know, from my tears,lol) in a bad and sad place at the moment, really struggling to get thru each day, and feeling so guilty when i can't be a god wife, friend and the worst is when I'm feeling like a terrible mom. Thinking back about 6 years or so, we were so happy, so strong in our faith. Today I'm feeling so lonely, al by myself. my faith is there, but I'm not burning like i used to. my family isn't what it used to be. Feeling so alone and depressed (its like a big black hole) Somedays i get a few glimts, a few seconds that I'm feeling happy (just like i used to) Its such a wonderful feeling and i just wanna stay in that mood, that happy place. But its only for a few seconds, and the i fall right back again, to that big black and painful hole...I wasn't supposed to write al this, was just supposed to say thank you, so I'm not sure why al this just poored out. Im sorry for sounding so depressing! anyways...thank you so much christy, and i know that there will be better times ahead. This is just a little bump on my road. with love Bettina

Lisa Richardson

Hey Christy,I'm LDS too so I empathize with where you're coming from and how important it is to keep the gospel in our everyday lives with our day to day stuggles. We have so much in common it amazes me. I also have severe fibromyalgia and in addition have chronic congenital back issue and had major spinal surgery 4 months ago and now am facing a major trial that I hope you never have to go through and that is after 27 years of marriage and 4 kids my husband wants a divorce. Divorce is hard on everyone and especially in a church that doesn't believe in divorce except in extreme circumstances. I know that my testimony in Heavenly Father will lead me through all these trials and in the end I'll be a different person but I'll still be a daughter of God and that he loves me as he loves you too. Like all trials, it hurts right now but I'll be all the stronger for it. I'll keep you in my prayers and I have faith you'll overcome your trials too. Love ya,
BTW I graduated high school from Firth High School and many of my friends were from Shelly even dated a few Shelly guys.

Melinda Tate McCall

Thank you Christy for this encouraging post! I am going thru a very hard time of dealing with my Mothers passing in June of this year! I know it will get easier as time goes on. Also dealing with empty nest symdrome, my daughter move to Dallas in Aug. for her first teaching job as a Kindergarten teacher,she is going thru a lot of changes and trials also. I know when I come out on the other side of this I will be stronger for it. After all it is all in God's hands and timing!

Jeanne Sternenberg

I too am new your art classes and blog...thanks for sharing your heart in this post. Hope you are having a great weekend. Its nice to know we all have more than art in common.

jean keller

I am sure your words will touch so many of us and I want to thank you. I need that "touch" today so that I can work through something that happened yesterday. I often have to "craft" my words so that no offense is taken and I usually find the clarity and empathy to help me. Not so this time ! The result was ugly,unprofessional and uncharacteristic. My boss was angry and I felt like I was left to dangle without a net.I am not a novice and should have known better, I avoid confrontation and I never fight back so it is hard to accept that I stepped out of character and "blew it", so to speak. Last night, I was ready to quit after 32 years of being there for people. Your courage is helping me to swallow my pride and clear a path to move on.....whatever that might be.Blessings, Christy.


Christy, I am new to your to your art classes .. and am just head over heels, sister! Thank you for sharing this today. Your words made me feel that I really need to take the time to think through what I am becoming and really sit down and look at the blessings I should be thankful for every day. Hugs!


Goosebumps and tear-filled humbleness. xo


What a beautiful spirit you are! Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us and for the Blessings we need to embrace you reminded us of in this post!


Hey Christy, God is good all the time hey even when we are in trial He is there for us pulling and tugging the weeds out of our garden. Lining our spirits up with His.We are reminded that He is gracious,loving ,kind,and LOVED US FIRST! thank you Lord.
You are a house built for a King Christy


Christy, you say how you feel and are authentically you. I am not a religious person, I don't believe in a Supreme being but I still believe in strong ethics and morals and doing what is right. I know that when I come to visit your blog I will be uplifted, inspired and grateful for what you have to share. I just wanted to let you know.


I too am LDS and I KNOW that feeling of wanting to be BETTER!! BE BETTER in CHRIST!!! I need to work on it...I don't read my scriptures is one thing I struggle with...and honestly I don't know is sad....I have time I don't make it. But when I do I FEEL the Holy bright and strong.

I LOVE my Savior so much and I KNOW that I wouldn't have all my blessings or my trial without the love of my Savior.

Thanks Christy for ALWAYS being REAL and HONEST. I LOVE that you share your faith.



Sarah Lejeune

you know that moment your throat gets tight and you can't seem to swallow, that moment, I sometimes go " oh man, I really don't want to "feel" this". Well, you forced me to go there with your words today. I thank you, you pushed me to acknowledge something that i have been wishing I could shove down. My daughter has been chronically ill with crohns disease for four years and has called me, needing her mom to come help her get care. I am going to move to move 3 hours from my home and walk the talk. I can do this , and I thank you for the reminder that I do not need to worry about life going as I "PLAN" it but that God has a better path for me than I can plan myself. Thank you for being transparent in your life and beliefs:) You truly inspire me to keep being who I am. Honest and transparent and following my heart in my faith without worrying about what the world tries to do to make us give up and take the easy way. God's way is the best and only way for me(:-))

Phyllis Harper

your words today so precious, spoken with love and for the purpose of edification > so pleasing in the sight of God and encouraging to me. You are such a blessing to me today. I (and many others I'm sure) struggle with these same issues and our own individual battles, at war with the evil one 24/7 who would attempt thru our weaknesses to rob us of the joy and peace that God wishes for us who love Him and wish to serve Him and please Him with our thoughts, words, and deeds. I have been following your blogs and art for a while, today I call you a friend in my soul and spirit and my sister in Christ

Laurie Sherwin

thanks so much for your words . i have let them lift me up. i really needed to hear them, lol or read them. i have a daily struggle with Fibro and its been really bad im going through a divorce and all those negative feelings that go with it ,but just this morning i saw something on face book it said not to let the people who made you suffer see you suffer, and then i realized yes my marraige of 30 years failed and i did have something to do with that, my pain and suffering with the fibro daily was telling me i should have been doing something else, being me. not who he wanted me to be. just bieng the real me. i realized i dont want to suffer anymore not about the failed marraige because he isnt the one, there will be someone hopefully sometime but i need not suffer pain over a marraige that ended , dont greive for something you lost a very long time ago im finished suffering for what i lost and am looking forward to the rest of my life of couse G-d is a very big part of that, i have two incredible boy(men who are both married and have wonderful lives, One with his beautiful wife will be going in a month to be missionarys in south africa, thank you for your word your art your letting me know about your fibro and the blessings you have givin me already. Laurie


Christy - such beautiful insight. The truth is...that though we may share totally different man-designed "religions," the strength and testimony of the Holy Spirit that we all have access to is our connection to one another on the deepest level. May God continue to bless you - and allow you to bless others in the process.

Linda Robison

Christy, as I read this and cried I heard in my heart "this little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine" and just smiled so big...I love you and your blog because you and we are the same - not a perfect life, pretty blog with only perfect photos and projects like everything at your house is perfect and there is something wrong with me/us if we can't do it too "perfectly"... but instead that we can say out loud I'M A BELIEVER and we can help each other! We are women hear us roar ;-) Thanks for reminding me of what's the most important task in my I too get busy or forget. hugs

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