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October 10, 2012



I'm sorry you have been struggling. I'm glad the Lord gave you a "light bulb" moment. It is those types of moments that get you through when life is hard.

I love listening to the music of Pam Thum when I am struggling. She seems to get what life is about. She is a Christian singer. Try her out on youtube. My favorite line in one of her songs is, "life is hard; but God is good".

Terry McM

Christy, thank you for sharing that today. I have been struggling with the same things lately, and know the Lord is leading me to just spend more time with Him, and let the other things follow. Isn't our God good?!!

Ali Coates

Dear Christy,
Today is my birthday and I want to thank you for the wonderful present you gave to me and didn't even know... your blog post today was beautiful! I am one of those people who has taken your classes and purchased great things from your shop. I am amazed at all that you have accomplished and how talented you are! You inspire me to create and I know that there are thousands of women and men who wish they could just say "Thank You"- to you, Christy. I thank you for your honesty...isn't our Lord amazing?!!

Account Deleted

Christy: You are quite a woman. One of the things that endears you to me is that you are so open with your feelings . . . thanks for being so awesome and inspiring.


love you sooo much, True!!!! xoxox


Christy, you are such a love! I have been seriously struggling of late but on the weekend I prayed so hard for the Lord's help. Everyday I have had multiple little messages from Him, showing me I am His beloved child. Your message came through as forgive, forgive, forgive! I clearly have some work to do!
And that message about breaking our hearts until they stay open? Oh my gosh, that one is going on the mirror!
Thank you all! I am slowly beginning to heal

Liane Townsend

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts, gave me goosebumps because I heard you well. You are a gift to me... I love you too.


christy you are a really beautifull person!You are an inspiration and blessing you to all of us!!! thanks for what you do and what you are!!


This was So inspiring to read!!! <3 Def. Needed to hear!!!


Wow, Christy! I love those moments when God breaks us open during adversity. It is the most blessed feeling and the knowing that He is always right here with us, we are never dropped or let down by Him. A bright moment from your mistyping of the word trial, came out as trail, and I just went, what a fortuitous misstep! Our trials are a trail to our higher, better self! They blaze a trail for us to our dear Lord, He is never distant. My daughter told me the other day that God keeps breaking our heart until it stays open (she is a very wise one, always has been). Love you in my life, the trails you have opened for me, in my art and in my heart. You are a blessing!

Donna L

So glad you are in a better place than yesterday. Your post is a good reminder and so coincidental, we are studying Job at church this month, the verse that keeps sticking with me is that Should we accept only good and not trouble from God? It is what builds us. Stay strong in your faith!

Jenny in SA

Your message is just what I needed to hear as I face many trials. It was like an angel whispering in my ear. Thank you Christy for being so open and inspirational. We love you too :)

Hilary Frye

You're passion fills me with enthusiasm! Thank you!

Ann Marie

Very beautiful post. But you forgot one thing: did you ever think of what an inspiration and blessing you are to all of OUR lives? I don't think you really know ... God is working through you and your beautiful gifts to touch all of us -- your friends, students ... to create, to explore, to live and to share. You teach us that every single day. <3

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