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October 02, 2012


Martinek Yan

What I really like about your blog, Christy, is that you offer tutorials. It's something new because other blogs are afraid that people might copy their work. But you, you share it with others, and that makes me like you more, Christy. Thank you for sharing your talent. You’re a great artist. I hope I can have one of your masterpieces someday.

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I know how you feel. I even angry when I may be in a program, people to "touch" my personal things. This is a real problem, so you should be very proud of yourself overcome took the first step. You are an outstanding artists and teachers and your creation is a unique beauty. Don't be nervous, because it will all work itself out and your canvas will sell at any time. Again, you are the reason I am "artist" I hope I today. Her art get me fascinated and fascinating! thank you

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Congrats dear
I want it so you a piece of... Guess what? There all gone... Ha ha
Thank you for always sharing and encouraging

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Well, Etsy shop is a complete success... You sell out! One day? Girrrrrllll! Congratulations to you:) oh, welcome back to reality:)


Mrs.Tomlinson, I love your work. I got your "She Art" kit back in July when it was on The paper,rub-on,paper doll bits&pieces. I love this kit as it is fun and takes me back to when I was little girl. Thank you so much for sharing your art and self with us. Paper Wishes & Crafty Dreams :0) Brinda in Fishers,IN

Valerie Johnson

so happy to see that your shop is going to be filled with lots of girls...I miss your girls!!!


I love your spirit ! I really want to tank you for sharing this with us ! I'll hope to do a course on line but i'm not really good in english ! Best regards


I absolutely love your blog.this is just one post I'm commenting on but I just want to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful and passionate people that I look up to..I love reading about your life and begin is pored by your art.thank you so much for sharing..ever since I found out about your blog, I have fallen in love with mixed media and art journalling..

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Rebecca P

I've wanted one of your pieces for a long time! I'm so sad I missed them!

Karen Baumstark

I hope I'll be able to sneak in there a get one of your beautiful creations as I missed out this time. You're so talented - I'm loving everything you do!


When we hold onto our things we don't own them; they end up owning us. It is important to hold onto our things loosely. It is a sign of growth that you are able to let these originals go. Congrats.

Lulu Bea

This is so great for you! You and your work are truly inspiring. I was wondering if you could speak to why you decided to sell on etsy vs. having your own store on your website? I know you already have a great following, and there is such high competition on etsy. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Lulu Bea

Mary Ann McNicholas

Congratulations! I went to check out your etsy shop and you had already sold out!!!! Way to go :) ox, mary ann

ps - i'm taking mindy's class too - isn't it her free style. reminds me of you

Kim Woods

I knew it, I knew by the time I got to the end you'd be sold out. I've taken your She Art class and love creating girls with my daughter. They are just an inkling of how amazing your art is so I'm always inspired when I see new pieces from you. I think you should definitely photograph each one and post them so we can all see them and they can live on in pictures even after they find new homes :)

Leah C

Oh my DAY!! In a day, all your original girls are SOLD!!! WOW:) So thrilled for you, but sad for me that I missed the chance to own one! Thank you so much for sharing your work, your art, & most especially, your heart, with all of us, Christy. You are so amazing & so inspiring! And there are still some of us who'd love to give your SheArt originals a home...if you'd like to fill up that Etsy shop again:)


Congratulations on etsy! I totally understand your wanting to keep your art. My grandmother was a silver jewelry maker and didn't mind exhibiting her unique designs in shows but never wanted to sell her work, although people always wanted to buy it. As you say many people are really touched by other's art - maybe even in ways the artist can never know.That's actually one of the most amazing things about art isn't it. And look how lightning fast your lovely paintings sold!!! Hope you make prints! BTW am loving the pumpkins class, hugs, Karen

Gemma maggs

Christy, Congratulations on opening your new etsy shop. I can understand your apprehension, but I am sure you have nothing to worry about. I love not only all of your paintings and prints, but all of your products. They are so amazing and so inspirational.


This is exciting news. Puleeze, PALEEZE, sell your bracelets in your Etsy shop? I am never going to have time to do the class I signed up for but I would buy the bracelets already made!

Trish Duncan

Christy... amazing blog... glad you forgot all of the technology. Welcome home... looking forward to going to your etsy shop... when it has things in it..LOL... Thanks for sharing your amazing...

Lucy Chen

I can resonate with how you fee, Christy. I find it hart to let go of my original paintings, too. But know this, when the art is sold, that's how the world can see the beauty and truth you share through your art. And prints simply can't compare with an original.

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