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November 15, 2012



la Riposte, le signe de l'esprit :)
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Jeremy Scott Wings

Thank you for sharing and introducing us to these wonderfully talented people - i can't come to the retreats (in the wrong country!) - but am grateful for online classes and the internet. All you lucky ladies - enjoy...

Kathy Andrews

So anxious... signed up the minute I heard about it! Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Susan Houseman

Hooray, I signed up, had so much fun with this course last year.
Happy Thanksgiving


Judy Craik

How long will this class be open, just in case I can't finish before Christmas???


I didn't get to take last years class :(( but I'm very interested in this years Ornament Workshop! Is this an open ended class? and any PDF's available? I have a lot going on this next month and may not get to follow along each week so I don't want to miss any if it's open ended then I can do it later as well? thnx so much I love your work and follow along all the time!! Thnx for letting me know.

cat lacigale

gorgeous ! Love the little ornaments, especially the little canvases !

melissa johnson

I would LOVE to come to your retreat! How much fun :) I hope to get into my Winter Whimsy stuff this weekend and of course now I need to do the artsy ornaments. I missed it last year :(

Laura@Ms Smartie Pants

Christy I am very interested in your retreat, please add me to the list. Signed up for the Ornament Workshop, can't wait!


Wow! Sounds like a fab weekend!!!!

Can't wait for the Ornament class, took last year and so many "too cute" ideas!

Sarah Lejeune

If it can possibly fit in our budgets, my daughter and I would love love love to play with you in your neck of the woods:))) Please put me on your wait list!!! And I will be excited to see the details and will cross my fingers!!! :-}

Larissa Heskett =)

YEAH!! I signed up through Jeanne's blog and I can't wait for the class!! LOVING your class right now and can't wait to create some projects!! =) GOOD LUCK to BRADEN and his TEAM!! =) DRIVE safe and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

Jolene Eborn

Don't forget. If you need some local retreat help, I'm your girl!

Jeanne Sternenberg

Just curious, did you post a sneek peek at your ornament? They all look super cute !

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