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November 21, 2012



Some physicians actually prescribe turmeric
to patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.
Studies have demonstrated that turmeric has the ability to stop the growth
of breast cancer, certain skin cancers, prostate cancer, childhood
leukemia, and many other cancers. But the benefits of these spices extend far beyond culinary and
both may be used to make your life a little more eco-friendly.

benefits of turmeric and alzheimer's

They contemplate it a great herb for females because it
stimulates the uterus and removes the menstrual delays
due to insufficient energy. ' Another, not quite so old, states that 'Insanity is repeating the same
actions and expecting different results. The active ingredient in
turmeric known as curcumin, which belongs to the family of curcuminoid compounds, is
proven to decrease inflammation in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and other
autoimmune disorders.

coconut oil and skin rash

As well as being an important provider of essential amino acids, coconuts are also a
rich source of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium,
manganese, vitamin B, vitamin C and calcium. The cholesterol-lowering properties of coconut oil are a direct result of its ability to
stimulate thyroid function. Commonly used cooking oil can easily go rancid or get hydrogenated
especially at high temperatures, which can be harmful to our body.

Jeremy Scott Wings

Thank you for sharing and introducing us to these wonderfully talented people - i can't come to the retreats (in the wrong country!) - but am grateful for online classes and the internet. All you lucky ladies - enjoy...

becky smith

I signed up for several black friday put the paypal was reversed. I expected to be able to take these classes. Please check this out and respond.

Hope Amen

It could always be worse. My husband passed last Saturday.

Gayle Mills

Well, just re-ordered the sale classes but, I also noted the return email address did not work. Just checked Paypal and all looks like it went thru.
Can't wait to get started.

Here is the info PayPal shows:
Christy Tomlinson (The recipient of this payment is Verified)


I signed up for the Sale She Art Workshop and She Art 2 on 11/23/12 but see it is unclaimed... I saw your FB post and tried to re-order them now and paypal seems to be going down - tried it four times! ;-) Any help would be appreciated!

valeri blossom

i signed up for the current ornaments class today (yay!) but had signed up for last year's ornament class over the weekend, through the black friday sale link and that payment is still showing as "unclaimed" in paypal and just figured out why...the email address linked to the sale checkout is incorrect.

Judy Meeker

Tried to sign up for some of your classes, but was unable to do so. The page I was on would not let me go any further with the ordering process. So disappointed. But was able to take advantage of your sales!

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