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November 12, 2012


Jolene Eborn

I will happily volunteer to test out your white guest art table. :) It all looks GREAT!

Liz Thayne

Wow Christy your new studio looks amazing and you have both been working sooo hard!
Really looking forward to the new workshop tomorrow.
Take care, best wishes Liz from Norfolk UK

Hanna in Sweden

Oh Christy, you will be so happy in that beautiful studio. Very happy for you. See you in class - I just couldn't resist it when I saw the reindeer!

Shazza Bishop

Your studio is looking great, your going to be in mojo heaven! I'm already booked into your 'Whimsy Winter Workshop', so looking forward to creating some festive canvases!
Keep well...Hugs... Shazza from Melbourne Australia x


Your studio looks wonderful, can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! I'm also looking forward to your winter workshop!Take care Christy. Thanks for sharing!

Donna L

Thanks for the sneak peeks, can't wait to start the class! I will pray you can keep up with all the goodness that is coming your way! Loving the studio.

Lesley Crawford

Have really missed your posts this past week Christy, but glad to know you're OK. I can't wait for the winter workshop to start and I'm eagerly awaiting my Etsy goodies. Your studio looks wonderful. I wish mine looked like that!

Julie Maples

uhhhh.... ok.... that is just like super awesome and umazing and I am soooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!! Get lost? Oh YES! There is going to be some awesome future art and workshops coming from that studio! So we are all going to benefit from this new beautiful space!


Can't wait - thanks to you Ben and family for working so hard for us - we appreciate it.

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