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November 27, 2012



Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog


I came across your blog entry right now and I am definitely surprised in a good way by the way you make your blog post! How exactly do you inform your readers that you have shared a article to this domain?




You are an extremely gifted gal. Thank you for inspiring me to try something new and different. It is not always easy stepping out of your comfort zone. Blessings to you!

Melissa Kelley

Oh dear Christy I don't know where I am ? Lol :) where do I post for the fabulous give-away ? I'm so glad you're feeling better today and Thank you for your reply , I totally understand :) you a very positive person nd it's hard to say at times when things are rough !
Hugz Melissa

Connie Bruce

Wow! It sounds like a great class. I just signed up for the first She Art Workshop and it is wonderful. I am looking forward to the next two classes. Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

peggy R

Christy, I think you are such an amazing person. I hope tomorrow the sun will shine bright on you.


Oh Christy, it's thursday and I am just reading this post... I hope your issues are resolved by now, emails answered & head cleared. Life is overwhelming at times and I am really hoping the NEW 12 Artsy Ornament class will help me out. :) See you there!

Lisa S.

I love the way you write because it is straight from the heart. The comment about your kids when you got home made me chuckle because kids are kids no matter where they are. ;) Hang in there! Thanks for getting back to me about the workshop, I too am in a tizzy and life is full for a lot of folks these days. Like you said, we just have to put our big girl panties on and keep on truckin'.
Again my sympathies on your BIL's passing, my prayers are with all of you.
Lisa xx


Big hug to you hun. At the end of this rain will be a rainbow.

Today is going to be a better day.

Thank you for all that you do.


Love and hugs from me!! You know I love you and feel for your family at this sad time. Paypal was out of your control and those of us who are avid followers will just sign up again and be happy to have the chance to take more of your classes. Hug Ben and those kids. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I signed up again... looks like it went through this time.. wishing you the best and looking forward to getting started on these workshops!


I have so felt for you, what a nightmare. You deserve a good cry! Hope tomorrow's a better day x

Wendy A

I was wondering why I hadn't heard but thought you were just busy. no worries here. I signed up again. can't wait to get started.

Lynn Biermann

So sorry for you & your family at this time. We all should take the time to appreciate little things that make our normally busy chaotic lives worth living- My heart goes out to you & yours. No worries about resigning for your workshop!


Chin up friend! Your doing the best you can :) I love all that you do and can't wait for more. All these bumps in the road just mean smooth sailing ahead.

Audrey Meijs

Love them all!

Barbara Frazier

We love you all the more because you are REAL !


Miss Christy, {{hug}} That is for any time you need it! Nobody is going to go over a cliff about the Paypal screw-up. We love you so much and are always wishing for your best. Deaths can be so difficult, and you just deal the way you deal. Sometimes it's very unexpected, too, and comes out in some strange ways and times. I smiled at your talking to your Dad because he always lived in your heart anyway and he's not ever gone from there. Just know we all understand and will understand because we're family, too! Much, much love, hugs, and a big shoulder, too!


Love to you.

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