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November 19, 2012



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Richard - Sash Windows Nottingham

I think if my flat was like that, I'd be able to walk in with a smile every day!

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Kelly W.

This is awesome -- Christy -- it's so much fun to have you share this piece of you with us!
I vote for a pop of color -- and I vote orange (I know no one else has picked this color -- but I LOVE blue and orange together) -- my second choice is red. Can't wait to see what you decide!!

miriam gault

what a wondersul space. I vote for orange shelves.. and blue shelves ... and even a hint of red shelves. Why stick with one color - an art studio should be a reflection of a rainbow. Oh well thats just my opinion LOL, whatever you end up with will be amazing as always Christy.


I love everything! It looks just like one of your canvases!!! Where did you get all the cute rugs?

Sheri Maruca

Your studio is full of inspiration! I would do the shelves YELLOW!

melissa johnson

Love, Love, Love your new studio!! If I had one this is exactly how I would do it!! I love your rugs, I'd love to know where you got those :) You have scored some really awesome pieces, especially that mail shelving. I vote for yellow shelves :) I hope to hang out in this space in person!!!!! Have fun finishing your project, looks like such a blast!
Hugs from Texas :)

Rebecca P

I vote yellow!
And PLEASE tell where you found the rugs!!!!!! I'm desperately wanting a bright colored rug for my living room!



leann porter

looks amazing! I see your far wall in the blue room being a scene with a she girlie on it!

Larissa Heskett  =)

LOVE the way your studio is turning out!! =) I think Red or Orange!! for the shelves on the back wall and then paint the boxes for your mail sorter all the different colors!! It would really make it come to life!! =)
P.S I LOVE the idea of Linda but think you should have your Husband make a NEAT framed wall canvas for above the Turquoise Dresses and paint it Christy sylte and then have people sign it when they come!! =) It would be a GREAT decoration and a meaningful piece of art at the same time!! LOVE IT!! THANKS for letting us share and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)


lovin' the sneak peeks:) I'd add a pop of yellow to your blue room!

Julia Molewyk

Love the studio!!!! On those shelves,
I say no more blue. Go with yellow, orange or lime green. And grungy, too, with sanding, or paint or whatever. Have fun!


LOVE all of it!!! That mail box sorter is so yummy! What a great, great space you have and so happy for you. My first thought last week was that I am so glad you won't have to be in the cold garage to paint anymore...hope it is much easier on your fibro that way :0). You and Ben make quite the creative couple...well done!

Lori Souter

a pop of RED would be awesome! I love how your space is coming along!


Erin Morley

So when do I get to come visit? My vote would be a raspberry shade of purple but that's my personal taste. Of your options I vote yellow! P.S. I heart the chevron rug!


Okay...I'm voting for blueberry to match that super amazing chevron rug!! Blueberry will make all the cool colors of your art and supplies POP!! Oh that rug....Christy ALL the rugs are YUMMY!!!

fay copeland

it is so pretty and i love the bright rugs. i have bright rugs in my house. i vote for red. The room needs a pop of color.fay

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