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December 28, 2012



Hello Christy, I am sorry you have been ill, and hope you feel better soon. I am VERY new to mixed media and don't really know what I am doing yet. I have signed up for your 3 workshops and am very excited for them. I just got my first monthly media kit. The one for January and am hoping you do a video for it. I know you that they don't come with the subscription, but they really are the reason I decide to go ahead and subscribe. I am so new at it that the kit is a little overwhelming and I don't know where to begin. Thanks so much...a big fan.


Christy I just have to tell you how much I am loving your art lately and seeing the progress and changes and how you are evolving! I am going through this myself...the techniques I've learned from you, Mindy & Junelle....I'm working on finding my way. Really enjoyed this post today and your girl - both painted and sketched is wonderful! Are you taking Mindy's new True Free Spirit class? I signed up but haven't painted yet...HUGS!

angelica jackson

I'm sure your friend loved your artwork, it is amazing!
My hubby and I were looking for ideas for our garage/my art room and we watched the video you did last year (I think?) for inspiration. I need more room to do stuff, but man, it is cold out there! Anyway, I am enjoying looking through your blog- We would be great friends, I can just tell!
Hope you are enjoying your trip!


What a great guy! I can't imagine my hubby going to an art retreat with me. Wishing you a wonderful, refreshing and renewal of your relationship. Marriage is hard work...especially when you have children and a career. By the way....the art you created for your friend is absolutely gorgeous!


Wow, Jesse has incredible art! That retreat sounds so wonderful. I hope you and your husband have an amazing time.

cynthia regan

So jealous! Had the good fortue to take 2 workshops with Jesse and they are all you hope for and more! Enjoy.


Have fun guys, you both deserve the break!


I love how we -you continue to evolve ...learning from each other. I'm a new follower and enjoy your art and posts.

Leann Porter

Sounds like a groovy time together! Enjoy!

Laurie Sherwin

the first thing i saw in your painting was the girl so the background is not too busy, and i like her alot, def understand how you feel about faces but she has a nice face. you are bieng way too critical of this let it go it it what it is meant to be. nuff said love your work Laurie


very exciting. i understand how thrilling it is to have your hubby with you. mine helps with my business and goes to CHA and does workshops and a lot of times does better than me!!! men have no inhibitions - i love it! E-N-J-O-Y

Linda R

no texting....just you & Ben o.k.?

Lisa barker

Love Jesse Reno, been following him for years. So would love to do a workshop with him. Can't wait to see your work coming out of the workshop. How awesome experiencing it with your husband. Love your work and recent postings! Have a wonderful time Christy!


Have a wonderful time! Enjoy and recover. You truly deserve some time away. Glitter project sounds exciting!

Sherri Welser

I wish you both a wonderful and amazing time together Christy!!


I took a class with Jesse last year, a 2-day one. It was purely amazing.
So I can't imagine a 5-day one; in Mexico.

You will have all you need with Ben and your kids will be okay <3


Have fun!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! Happy New Year!

Amy Vanpool

I cannot wait to see and hear about this retreat! It sounds like just what I need. Have a wonderful time!!

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