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December 04, 2012



I always was concerned in this topic and stock still am, appreciate it for putting up.


Hello, do you have a link to the paper clay recipe? I would love to try my hand at making some and do some crafts with the kids. Thanks!

Michelle Geoffroy

I wanted you to know that I used this post as inspiration for a necklace I made. It was great fun! Thanks for the inspiration!


i love having you in my life, Christy xxx


Is there a "recipe" for paperclay?? Thanks in advance. :)

Melissa Kelley

Please Please dont get me wrong Love the 12 Christmas Ornaments but when you print the supply list for future projects as i know I will only have time to dabble with a few. I find the print on the supply list to be very light , next time could you use bold to help the 4 eyed people :) Thank you for each and every thought that went into these very creative Ornaments. The only thing being tight on a shoe string it was hard to pay for that extra kit , i would rather there be another homemade that was simple products. Thank you so much !

Donna P

Those look like so much fun. My girls would LOVE to make the birds and hearts :)


Hey! Love the clay heart idea. I may just have to do that at the high school I work at for an art project. On another subject, last month I subscribed to your multi-media kit and am really excited to see what you put together with the November kit. I have been waiting to use my goodies until I get some of your wonderful inspiration.=)


Lovely way to spend an evening. What a beautiful idea Christy for those visiting the studio, to take a word that need with a heart or as a gift with such a loving note. Love this idea and am now interested to try the air dry clay.

Allie's owl is too cute!

Juliana Hall

I am loving the Artsy Ornaments work shop and will have to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Waters

I love. We've made similar things before. I totally would have offered a coupon too for chipart letters. :) Fun. Love and miss you friend.


i am inspired!! <3 thank you.


Oh how fun! So exciting to see all the beautiful things they made.

I know what you mean about the all nighters. I'm wanting to be in the bed by nine. hahah!

Trish Duncan

How sweet Miss Christy!!!! I knew you grils would have fun... What a wonderful space to create in and what a special gift to share with us the JOY that night and a tutorial... <3

Shahrul Niza

Hi, Christi. THESE ARE AMAZING creations!!. I LOVE to make some of these. Paper clays are wonderful. You are such an inspiring artist! Hugs.


What a wonderful blog post...I have a bunch of this clay in the kids craft pantry...we're going to make something like this for our neighbors...xxoo


I am in love with the idea of the hearts in a jar!!! I'm totally doing that for my trues for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!


Such great ideas! Love your colorful style :0)

Carol M

So cute! Loved the owl. Earlier today even before I saw this post, my three year old grand-daughter & I made air dry clay ornaments. She cut them with cookie cutters, sprinkled with glitter, put buttons and beads in the center and a hole for string. They are drying now. She made them for her Christmas tree and had a blast. You are right, air dry clay is so much easier to work with and dries quickly.

Liane Townsend

So delightful Christy ! I work for a non profit counseling agency. I have planned to paint stones with love words and give them to the social workers for the holidays. My thought is that their clients could take one at the end of the session. Then I thought they might take one as a reminder of what they wanted to work on and they could put the stones back in the bowl for the next person who might need that same inspiration. NOW, I am thinking that it might be easier to make them from this clay than to paint stones. I have never done either, so I hope it is not too difficult, because we have many social workers and clients. Hearts and birds are wonderful for my project!!! So excited, wish me luck and I would appreciate and tips or tricks to guide me with this holiday surprise! Loving you... Liane

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