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December 12, 2012


Floating Candles

These are really nice projects for the family during winter season. Thanks for sharing the idea Christy. :))

Cancer Awareness

Great idea! I love Pinterest too! I get crazy pinning and what do you know, it's been hours! Patsy from HeARTworks


Great idea! I love Pinterest too! I get crazy pinning and what do you know, it's been hours! Patsy from HeARTworks


The snow globes are so cute! What a great idea, thanks for sharing ;)

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

I apologized to Christy because I was surprised that my comment "I am *hoping* you will post a mixed media video soon" upset her ~HOWEVER~ Christy-- you do say on the text description of the youtube channel that: "(each month I do a video using the kit contents" so I am not sure why the surprise that we are looking for it. we all understand that everyday gets in the way and I don't think anyone was mad or angry-- but I think we would like to know if that is no longer the plan...especially subscribers. :)

Amanda Trent

Thank you for yet another gorgeous project! Please know that you are so appreciated!!!! I am very thankful for the time and energy you take to make videos and examples for everyone. I look forward to each and every project you post. Merry Christmas!!!!

Karen Searle

these snowglobes are so darn cute, i loved seeing the pics of these on instagram!! Oh, how i miss where my gran and pop lived, they had a pinecone forest just up the road, it was the most beautiful place EVER, i HEART pinecones... and strangely enough i couldn't find those darling trees in Australia BUT i did try Etsy and i have 10 little beauties coming to me, prob get here after Xmas LOL!! Will be definitely making these!!
...take care and Merry Christmas :) x

Nancy Wyatt

This is to Tisha. I think you are reading too much into her words. I believe and know as I have taught that there are folks out there that love to re-create what others have designed. So, what I read her words was that she understands that some need inspiration and they look towards her projects for that inspiration via her explained tutorials. I have met Christy in person via class events and believe me when I say that she is more than willing to help everyone. Infact, it is of my own opinion that she gives out so much more info than most and in turn it eats into her life.

Sometimes it's best to let everyone form their own opinion. I have tried over the last year not to read into peoples words. In the end it is us that are hurt the most because we make up what we "think" they meant when often times it was just misunderstood. **and please don't think i'm being ugly or rude cause I don't mean it to be** Happy Holidays.


these are just gorgeous! Tanks for sharing xx


I just finished reading the response on your Facebook page about the tutorial for November. I was a little taken back by how you said "I understand that there are those of you that look forward to it and can only create something if its planned out for you" I am not really sure how to take that. I love watching what you create and the videos you have done. I can't afford to buy your kits so I do get ideas from you but certainly don't need to watch your videos to create something. I think what you said or actually how you said it in your statement was a little rude and belittling to your followers. I think you may have been having a bad day when you wrote that but if I were you I would keep all the followers I have and not insult them for wanting to watch you create and maybe just make it clear that you don't do tutorials every month.

Julie Ryver

So cute, so fun! Thanks for sharing!


Christy amazing inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the great tutorial - you created a wonderful assortment of globes.


Oh how fun. Wonderful globes. I see another weekend with the grandkids to create some.

Judy Grant

The snow globes are wonderful but I was hoping for the November tutorial. It was going to be a gift for a friend.


try using a 50/50 mix of water and glycerol (glycerine) to the snow globe. It will slow down the 'snow'

Karen Kay

I am absolutely making these with my grandkid on Saturday. Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas!!

Connie Bruce

Oh, how wonderful!!! You are so creative, and inspiring. I can't wait to see what the November MM kit tutorial is going to be!


Those globes are adorable!!! Would love to come to one of your retreats, pity I'm in the UK :( I'm sure the ladies that are lucky enough to go will have a fabulous time.

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

oh what a tease! I was really hoping you were going to post the November mixed media tutorial... xo Miriam

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