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January 22, 2013



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Maybe you have never really understand my existence.

Allie B

I totally understand what you have been going through. I also have Fibro (and another nerve condition) and some days the only thing that keeps me going is my kids! I've had some major issues these last few weeks too. I think it is the weather. I live in MI. 4 degrees one day, 58 degrees the next, then drops back down to 10deg. I know I do better in the warmth..
Just know you are not alone.
Take care

Malinda Kopec

Christy, I have fibro too. I'm so sorry to hear you are having a terrible flair. Don't worry about your students hun, we'll all be waiting and praying for you to get better soon. One extra week will just add to the anticipation! The important thing right now is for you to take care of yourself.

kay burnett

WaaHoo! I have already signed up for SheArt 3 but I'm going for the whol shabang! Can not wait for the new class to begin. What an AWESOME start for the New Year :)

Maggie @ Midwestern Girl

Oh, Christy...I've never taken a SHE ART class, but I think is going to be my first one...I am NOT a painter, or a doodler, or a I hope I can do this...after meeting you at CHA (I was working in Heidi's & PP's booth), and after feeling your energy and your enthusiasm, I'm convinced that I CAN do the things that are hard for to sign up...thank you...


Pareil que serena ,je suis nul en anglais ,mais tant pis ,je m'offre cet atelier pour mon anniversaire !!!!!Super!super !!!!


This class really excites me! I love the idea of bringing out what is unseen! We can learn a lot about ourselves this way! I haven't taken any of your classes yet, but I think I'll make this my first!


Christy, I just signed up for all three workshops and, am very excited to get started. I have been watching your videos on you tube for a while now and, your techniques inspire me to create. Thank you.

mary ross

Where is the workshop located; what city or is it online? HELP? Did I miss something? She Art 3 workshop

Evia Ballard


I just recently found your website. Watching you create has inspired me to reach my artistic side that has gone dormant way to long. I have started creating again. I am signing up for all 3 workshops! I can't wait to start to reach down into my heart and soul for the She Art 3 workshop to see what will emerge.


This looks so cool!!! Can I take this even if I haven't taken the other SheArt workshops...really? I love your work and inspiration!!!!


HI Christy,
Your new online workshop looks fabulous. I have just started taking registrations for my first mixed media art workshop and know just how much work there is in them. Have a lot of fun with this one.:-)
Love Di


y a t'il un sous titre français, je suis nulle en anglais.
J'hésite seulement pour ça, car autrement je suis toutes excité à l'idée de la faire?


Oh my swee lord, I want to do this course!

Sherry F

So excited.

Paula Caston

Hey Christy! I wanted to wait til next week when I return from my annual scrapbooking retreat to open your email but the suspense became too much and I opened it tonight!! God's timing is perfect. I believe this with all of my soul. "in week one we will reflect on our unique individual and perfectly imperfect lives. We will spend time researching who it is we are wanting to paint. What story does she have to tell and what mark does she want to leave in this world." God has called me to tell my story but hasn't quite given me the details on how to do that as of yet! I know He wants me to leave a mark on this world. I'm signed up. My prayer is that I'll have clarity through this lovely project. xxxooo


I signed up - I have loved the other workshops and can not wait to see what TOMORROW brings too!


Very excited..hope I can make it....


I am not missing this one, I am so excited. I've loved all the on line work shops I have taken with you Christie. You are inspiring and an awesome artist and teacher.
:) carol

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