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January 23, 2013


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I have to say that I LOVE all your workshops. I just signed up for She Had 3 Hearts and I am blown away already! I highly recommend everyone take this workshop too!


Just signed up for this!!! So excited!!!


Christie, you amaze us! What a fantastic lineup of classes and creativity opps. Can't wait. The Behind the Art class will be my son's applied art class for our homeschool curriculum.

Janis Borrowman

Christie...Thanks for the new class #3...I sent my money to you for class #3...I am wondering if that amount covers the #3 class. I have taken 1 & 2, so I think I am up on the classes. I have really enjoyed this years classes, and want to continue. After I paint the technique I have made wool dolls to go along. One of these days I will send you a picture. Thx for sharing your talents to us all. Janis Borrowman

Terri Daly

Christy Heaven!! CAN NOT WAIT! Gonna be so fun!

bev allaire

just signed up for all three!
bev a

Belinda (BeBe)

Hi Christy, I am in on all classes. So exciting. Love, love your classes. Can't wait to get started. Yahoooooo! Belinda

Julie Brooks

Hi Christy,
This looks so awesome! I've really been wanting to learn how to make backgrounds as well as how to use different products... This will have it all! I love the learning and your classes are always fun! My kitchen table is now my art table!


Hi Christy,
WOW!! I love it all! I had signed up for She Art 3 already - so I sent you and email and I also signed up for the special - sooooo excited - what an amazing lineup. Thank you for sharing your process with us, that is amazing. I am so happy that Junelle will be part of another workshop - I love her work too!
Thank you for this!

Alexandra Macgregor

Hi Christy,

Just seeing if I can afford all 3 classes and I know I will want to do Junelle's as well! LOL... will you be shipping the free kit overseas (Australia) or does that offer only apply to US residents?

thanks - still loving the first 2 She Art workshops and Junelle's as well... still getting lots out of them...



oh man, I have already taken 1 and 2 and now I am signing up for # 3. Can't wait. Will you be selling the kit seperatley for those of us who have already taken 1 and 2?


THIS looks amazing! It will be such a fantastic learning experience :)


Holy cow I am pumped !

Silvia SF

oh my god! what funny sounds everything. I want it all three and yesterday I paid the first one so I have to write you again to get the Three pack! I want to say that i´m a Christy e-curses adict lol The past year I made almost all!!!!!! I love them! I hope these will be fantastic again this year. Thanks Christy for your inspiration and for your great work. Greetings from Spain!

Leila West

This truly sounds amazing! I sent you an email about my sign ups. I cannot wait, very excited to be in your upcoming classes. :-)

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