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January 28, 2013



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I love Junelle. I have joined in her workshops and I must say she's really nice. I love her projects.

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I have joined the workshop and I must say Junelle is very nice and accommodating. I just love her. :)


All these new stamps look fabulous! I went onto the site for the March kit picture, and then did a 'scavenger hunt' all over the websites from with the newest Cha updates to try and figure it all out heheh. cannot wait! Just finished my painting with the February kit :)

Tami Howse

Christy, I SO understand what you’re going through. I, too, have pain every day. I will pray that you receive relief and hope.
Also, I do have to tell you something fun. I’m just beginning week three of your Three Hearts workshop. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! And, I have some Ranger crackle paint that I was going to throw out because it had gotten too thick. And then, the light bulb went on. Because it was so thick and I couldn’t brush it on anymore, I used it as a spreadable modeling paste. Because of you, I thought outside of the box and found a use for it. And, it is so amazing. It’s turning out so cool! I’ll send you a link to my blog when I post it, and if you have time, take a look. Praying for your healing! Fondly, Tami

Sara Windsor

Christy, I have just now found your blog and wonderful creations and am so excited to follow your journey because I can tell already I will not only enjoy it but also grow and learn myself. I was diagnosed with fibro 23 years ago and it has been quite a roller coaster as I'm sure you understand only too well. You and I were both in the same spot last bed except for bodily functions better not done in bed. It's been a while since I had a flare like that...after 12 years of needing to use a walker to get around I am able to put it away on most days and walk freely! Such a huge blessing that I am so grateful for. (I found out that I have sleep apnea and am treating it now...I highly recommend that most fibromites have this evaluated)Just want you to know that here is another person who truly understands and will be hanging around here not only to receive but hopefully to give to you as well. I have a blog as well, though I'm new to the whole concept and learning. Please come visit sometime at where you can take a peek at the one of a kind jewelry I make. I haven't blogged much about fibro yet, but I'm sure it will get in there pretty soon.
Keep looking forward, keep gratitude in your heart, keep feeding and expressing your soul with art and keep taking care of yourself...these are the things that help me with fibro. Peace to your heart, Sara W.

Coleen Franks

Christy, Google "Whole30" and read the testimonials on the far right. Pain is caused by inflammation and they show you how to get rid of that. Get the book "It Starts with Food." I am a testimony of great improvement.

Coleen in Ukraine


hi christy and girls! I too know about pain. My gosch, i even tought that i would sell my soul just to get the pain away...its so awful when you are in it. Its tough for the whole family. ( I'm kinda happy to say that most of the time i was in so much pain that i passed out,ha,ha, But it totally scared my son, cause he wasn't sure if i died:( ) Well, today im feeling better. It takes time but slowly...and im happy to say that your classes really get me going. For and Junelle has helped me, probably more than you could ever know. Thank you for doing this. I cant wait to get started. Im always having so much fun. Dont you two ever stop doing your amazing classes!!! Hugs<3!

Janis Borrowman sorry about your reoccuring bout of Fibro. I also have that problem. I have found that if you give yourself a shot 2 cc's of B-12, this vitamin will quiet down the nerve endings that are so painful. I got the rx from my physician, so I have a small bottle of B12 serum and when I start getting the painful legs and back, I make sure I take this shot. I read recently that they feel B12 is so good for the pain. I did my presentation Tuesday of my felt dolls at the Shelley library, and I put alot of the art that I have learned from you and other artist that teach in your classes. I used them as background for the dolls. I had many people ask me about the art, so I told them your name and that you can be seen on U-tube. I advertized for you and how fun it is to use the mixed media. anyway, your technique was a hit. Hope you try out the B12 if you are not already doing the B12. Sorry that you are down, but you have a great attitude and are so giving to us all who take your classes. thanks for helping us all know the love you share. Janis B

gina in CA

hey girlfriend, just hopped over here and came upon some super-cute art workshops. how will i be able to pick just one?

btw, i've got fibro, too. my most recent flare lasted 6 days. i just started keeping track. but, i do sympathize with you...and we can all wait until the tide turns and u r feeling more, yourself.

you bring alot of people joy, christy, and you will be picking up your brushes and paint, soon. take good care. w/love n compassion,

heidi hines

I wish I could give you a BIG huge!!!! I totally know what you are going though only i hVE A VERY MILD CASE of fibro and I had to get of my cymbalta meds because i'm 7 months pregnant.Thank- you for still doing this class. I signed up for ALL three and can't wait!! My heart is failing and I have to figure out if I want to deliever in cleveland clinic or in cincinnati where we live. I really want to have the baby in cincinnati because of our three kids. I'm taking this class to get me mind off of it. I pray that you start feeling better. I know it sucks. love ya girlie!!! xoxoxooxoxoxox


Dearest Christy, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a tremendous about of pain and I pray that it will not be for very long. Looking at all of these fun spring workshops makes me think that we go thru things just like our change of seasons. Just before spring arrives, everything looks blah, gray and gloomy, but then we see little glimmers of what is just right around the corner and it gives us hope that life and beauty is just around the corner and while things may look blah, gray and gloomy for you right now, just know that your new season is just around the corner and that you can have hope that this pain is not your new normal and is just a season.
You bring so many of us out here in cyber land such joy, happiness and to some I would imagine even healing. You have a world of women (and men) who love you so and will keep you in our prayers and thoughts and want only the very best for you. Hugs~ A

Tami Howse

Ick! Pain is CRAPPY!
I'm so sorry it's been difficult for you. I SO understand what you're going through. I'm suffering from two ailments at once right now, and it stinks. However, it is causing me to rely on my sweet Jesus a little more, which is a good thing. ;) Today, I had a few moments where I was relaxed and had minimal pain. Believe me, I soaked that in!
And, I'm trying to decide if my business account can afford all three workshops, and if I can find a way to make it work, I'm going to. I am currently taking your Three Hearts workshop and I'm LOVING it! It also has inspired me to design and cut lots of FUN stencils with my Black Cat Cougar. Fondly, Tami

nancy pyter

Christy, please take care of yourself first, sending you much love and prayers for you to heal. Love, nancy p


Sending wishes for you too feel better pronto. I am excited to take your upcoming spring classes. Take care Christy.


Christy, prayers send your way. I'm wondering if it's the weather, because I've been more miserable (joint/back pain) than normal. And nothing is worse than wanting to be up doing stuff and being in too much pain to do it. Sweet Cyber hugs!!!!

I am so excited about these classes - love love love you, your art, your art friends and your classes.

Liz Thayne

So sorry to hear you are suffering so much pain- I hope it eases soon. Get plenty of rest and look after yourself!


OMG! This course just looks FABULOUSO!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!!! Christy, it looks like you have truly outdone yourself ALREADY this year with the courses you have! You are such a talented Godsend, each and every day I thank God for you sharing your friendship and talents with me!


Feel better Christy! i guess your body is telling you that you need more rest. We will be here for you when you are feeling better.

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