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January 28, 2013


Kristin Townsend

Christy, I know your pain and it sounds like many of the sisters on here do as well. I live in constant pain, meds help take the sharpness of it away but it is never gone. I honestly sometimes just sit down, count or write down my blessings, do some art and be happy for the moment I have. I will keep you in my prayers as well as anyone who is in pain for whatever reason, it is nice to see you have some support on here from so many!!!

Pam Staley

I'm adding my prayers to all the others and believing you will be feeling much better. One more vote for taking care of yourself first! I'm sure your wonderful family will help you.

Lori Lewis

Christy, please know you are surrounded in love and prayers. Please take the time you need to be healthy. xoxo

Debi Minter

Christy, you will be in my prayers!!! I was diagnosed with Fibro 20 years ago and this last summer I had the worst flare that I've ever had. I was in so much pain, so weak, so fatigued that I could barely do anything until about the middle of September. And then my old self came back slowly. It was so bad we had to move from our apt on the 3rd floor to one on the ground level because I couldn't move up and down the stairs. Sending you lots and lots of gentle HuGGs!

Jenni D'Amato

Your first priority should be yourself.
Take care & rest.
We can all wait as long as it takes.

Barbara Morlan

I would love to get the spring art course. Do you let us know what we will need to get this will be my frist time doing one of you course. I'am new at doing some of the art It looks like so much fun to do


So excited for all 3 classes! So sorry to hear about your painful week and pray that you are better SOON for your sake, we can wait :0)


nous pouvons attendre!!
Christy, j'espère que vous vous sentez mieux bientôt !!!!
et accrochez-vous!

Susan Hahaj

I just had to buy this Spring art course! It made me feel so ready for flowers and bunnies LOL! Can't wait for it!

judith T

You have an amazing spirit towards your pain! WOW! You are amazing. My love goes out to you and may you find ways to alleviate this state.

Julie Maples

Sooooooooooo incredibly and sincerely sorry dear sweet Christy that you are in pain! I wish I could paint it away for you! I am sending many prayers of healing and comfort for you. Love you bunches!


Christy and all fellow pain sufferers - since we know what chronic pain and how it all presents itself like characters from Adams Family, Encyclopedia of Horror Movie Monsters, or the crazy creatures from a Dr. Who episode - all in one day or week it can be different and same all at once. We suffer and deal with the 'it' that shows up and then like the monsters from movies it goes away for awhile.
But we are strong and find small and big pockets of relief and resiliency to get us through 'till the next episode.
We get frustrated when we can't meet our own expectations when 'it' shows up.
We need to allow ourselves to take the time to rest and heal.
I have rsds and it's a daily struggle.
Thank goodness for the healing power of playing with paint and glue as well as a community of friends who understand.


Oh Christy - I am so sorry that you are in such pain. It is horrible when Fibro takes hold like this. I too suffer from Fibro and hate the powerless feeling that comes over me when I am in the middle of an episode. Take care and rest. As you know, pushing to hard to get past it only worsens the severity. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jen Clark

Oh, Christy - do not give up heart yet. Just because the past few days have been terrible does NOT mean that this is your new "normal." Illnesses like we have tend to do this - they flare up - and typically at the LEAST convenient times in life! - and then then they calm back down...and this is REALLY hard for someone like YOU, who is used to being able to just work right through it, or get over it with a few hours sleep...this is NOT like THAT. But it also doesn't mean that every day, the rest of your life, you are going to be in excruciating pain, either!! I can tell you for sure that i've felt that OH MY gosh...this pain is SO bad, I dont know HOW I can keep living like this all the time AND keep getting out of bed every day! Don't. I mean, don't get out of bed on some of those days. You just aren't going to be able to. You're going to have to figure out a pain management regimen that works for YOU, and only YOU...thats personalized to YOUR pain levels, to what YOURE comfortable with...and then sometimes, you will have to let your body rest. I got this ADORABLE turquoise kitchen cart - three tiered on wheels, from IKEA - and I filled it with my favorite watercolor crayons, gelatos, watercolor paint, etc. some gesso, journaling pens, etc...and a couple journals. And I have my laptop, with my LifeBook 2013 workshop, plus other workshops Ive signed up for and never finished,...and when I'm in too much pain to get up...I lay in my recliner, with my wheely cart next to me, and I watch art videos...and if my hands don't hurt too much, I art journal. Or practice whatever the new thing is on the video...sketching, etc. Anyway, love ya, praying for ya, hoping some of my FB and email suggestions from earlier might help you out. take care of you, friend!!! xoxo

Michelle H.

Praying that you feel better soon!
Hugs & prayers!


If fibro is the culprit - "pushing through" may not be the answer lovely soul. Rather treating yourself with some of the love you offer you she art girls and nurturing who you are when you are not working hard could be just the ticket. Much love and certain prayer for you dear one


Been there, now recovering from double spinal surgery - ugh! Keep your chin up. Remember "this too shall pass" Hard to believe when you're in pain, but it's true & you will be your cheery self again.


Christy, I hope you feel better soon. I'm sad that you are in so much pain. I truly hope this is not your new norm and just a bad spell. You have a great attitude though. Do your best to take care of yourself and hang in there!


Get well Christie. Put yourself and your family first, we can wait!!!!


I am so sorry you had such a hard hit. Invisible Illnesses's tend to do that. I can relate. I am so excited about this class!! BUT, I have to control myself. I still have She ARt 1 & 2 to do. Life has just not had the space for me to dive into them yet. But it is coming. It is. I just love, love, LOVE your Art and how you share it with all of us. Inspiration at it's most powerful.

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