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February 06, 2013


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christytomlinson: Masking Tape Artsy Project..

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Pat Ames

Love the canvas project! Have met people who have much reduced pain with a new treatment done by's a heat laser thing, I think. Sorry not to have more info, but I bet there is lots on line by now. Good luck. Keep creating!


Quality post. If only all bloggers put as much effort into their content!

Cindy Jones Lantier

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your process. I can't wait to do something like this myself. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I have fibro too, so I can relate to the bad days you have. *HUGS!*

Mom of two

I have fibro too and it really kicks your butt! I love everything and I have some your stamps and things! Be well.

Lisa L.



Love the finished canvas! We are getting closer to finishing our house... (Read "closer to being in my new crafting space after six years in a one room house with a family of 4... family of 5 for the last three months"). I definitely will be lifting this project stat!

So glad you had a manageable working day! Praying in earnest for many many more. Heavenly Father is so faithful!


Amazing piece! Love that it was a work in progress that wasn't going for you but you SAVED it with the chevron!

Patti Ballard

Hi Christy... I'm on my way to an art show .. Hubby driving.. I get so nervous on the road so I try to distract myself... I was googling submitting my art work to some companies and found you on oopsy daisy!! Thought I'd come by your blog to say hi and how much I like all your creative work! I'm sorry to hear you suffer from fm! I can't even imagine going through that and yet you accomplish so much! You are my new inspiration! I So ii'll
definitely pray for you to be healed.. I so believe in the power of prayer ...
. And I can tell you have a great heart! Much love and wishing you feel so much better!! Your art is so great! <3 Patti

This is fabulous!!!!! I can't wait to try it.
Before I knew what hit, I pushed all the right buttons to sign up for your class at Crescendoh!!!!!!


It worked out great! LOVE IT.
Thanks for sharing.

Desiree de Monye

AMAZING!!! I am so doing this. Just beautiful!!!

Eniko DeLisle

So glad you're feeling better! That canvas altering idea is great! Take care of you! xox

Eniko DeLisle

Hugs, Christy! Glad you're feeling better! Love the canvas alteration idea! xoxox


Christy, I love the canvas!!! Thanks for sharing. Im glad you were feeling betterr and had a good day yesterday. Please pace yourself.

Joni Kix-Moore

I love how this project came out! And I'm very excited to hear more about Studio Crescendo! It's local to me, and I'd love to go if I can afford it!!!

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