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February 04, 2013


Gucci Handbags

Love and hugs from me!! You know I love you and feel for your family at this sad time. Paypal was out of your control and those of us who are avid followers will just sign up again and be happy to have the chance to take more of your classes. Hug Ben and those kids. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Eniko DeLisle

Love the new stamps! Placed my order...thanks for the free shipping! Love you, girl! xoxox

Karen Goulet

Wow! I can tell that this will be an inspiring retreat. It would be wonderful to attend and I think I will put that on my wishlist for the future. I wish all the best to those who will be attending. and Junelle really rock!
Karen :)

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

feel better soon! but no facebook fanpage? really? get your customer service girl to make one for you-- then you can as many fans as you want!

love the roller stamps. completely addicted to washi tape and the ikat stamp you designed is the bomb!

Desiree de Monye

I hope this is the first of many retreats in Mexico! It sounds so wonderful and I hope that one day I can join in!

sheila lz

I just signed up for the Mexico Retreat! I had such an awful weekend with my kids, feeling like I only exist to make the "magic" and life, happen for them, while my passions and dreams get shoved to the back of the line and thus, to what does appear in my inbox? Well, Christy and Junelle in Mexico in December! I decided within 30 seconds to hit the sign up button and hit enter (and then, called my husband . .whoops . . .maybe got that order wrong, oh well!) Problem is, he wants to come (not for the art portion, just to be in Mexico!) Is it possible to stay close to the Retreat but, at a hotel so that he can just hang out there while I'm with you guys? xoxo

kirsty vittetoe

Awesome products!!!


It's very beautiful! Already has issued a small order! I hope it comes to Russia sending!

Alice Dooling

I love the rolling stamps

Carmen Beatriz Norris

Lots of great stuff!


Pure happiness!!!


so excited, thanks for the free shipping I just placed my order for some things I had on my wish list. Can't wait for the package to arrive.

Linda Magee

You have so much talent!

Tami Howse

I can't wait to come to one of your workshops sometime! Fondly, Tami

Kim Stewart

Love all your new products, when will pink paisley be in store?

Lynn Adams

I didn't realize your retreats were named "She Matters" until just now. And last week I made this digital "she" with the words "She knows she matters", so I just had to share!

Thanks for all the great inspiration, I have taken several of your workshops and will also be joining for you SheArt3. Sadly I won't be able to attend your in-person workshops this year but maybe someday!

Dottie W.

Love, love, love all the new products!

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