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February 18, 2013



Oh wow!! This blogpost made me happy to read!!! Thanks for sharing! <3 xxx Maaike


I love this girl. My sister is losing her battle with brain and lung cancer and this girl is exactly the fighter my sister is. Thank you so much for sharing her.


Ok this will my beginning on my mixed media art.. I am truly inspired by your work!!!! Your story is a inspiration to others!!!! Looking forward to what lies ahead.., thanks :)

Jen Clark

She is BEAUTIFUL, Christy!!! I am just waiting to get paid Wednesday, and I'll be signing up. Can't wait! I'd also love to know what essential oils you are using. I have a ton that I got for making bath and body stuff, but most of them are approved for consumption as well. I had an appointment with my pain doctor this week, and she thinks I may have Fibro, on top of the R.A. and neuropathy. She started me on a new med she said is used to treat Fibro. I'm so hoping it works...or at least helps!

Devonay Potter

I LOVE her!!! She is amazing! Going to sign up right now!


Hugs to you your girl, her eyes. Excited for tomorrow!
My sister-in law has fibro...i need to tell her about you.

Jessica Sporn

so beautiful and strong. Hope you're feeling better. xo


Another ABSOLUTELY beautiful "she" Christy! I don't know how you truly continue to outdo yourself after each "she" you do.


kelly barton

i am so happy and humbled to get to share this space today. thank you so so much christy! i just love it all!


wow!!! i love it!!!
i like to read you,your feelings and're such a great person! i'm glad to "know" you...even if we've never met in person!
I'm glad to hear that essential oils works good for relief!!!
take care!

Danielle Donaldson


Thanks so much for sharing your struggles and breakthroughs and just keep moving. Love your work with or without faces.

And, Kelly Barton. Wow. Love her work, new or old. Her pieces (I have 3) give me a warm hug and a kick in the rear every time I look at them!

Linda Drewry

There's a gorgeous look of defiance about her that I like. She is going out to party no matter what! (5 years of chronic fatigue and my biggest lesson: go out and party, just make sure to make no big plans for the next day. And, oh yes, I can always find something to do in the studio even at the worst of it.)
Good luck Christy.

Kathy Kerr

Christy,I have all the empathy in the world for you. I suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, chronic pancreatitis and am in pain 24/7. In turn this does cause me major depression. I found art journaling on pinterest and started trying it. I am so totally into it now and want to learn so much more. Goals are to be published and be able to teach one day. You are truly an inspiration to me.


This girl is gorgeous! I love this painting, she is speaking to us with her eyes! SO much soul in them. I suffer so much with my Fibro too - I am curious what oils are you using?


I am so in love with this girl. Thank you so much for leading me towards colour and art. I am forever grateful <3
Beautiful Strong Girl!

lori jolley

Your strong girl is amazing! Its fun to see how your art has evolved! Your colors and vibrancy stays the same and I can tell its you in the artwork but you've added so much depth and life to your paintings. I really love these girls you are doing lately! Let me know how I can help you! Hugs!!


she turned out beautiful Christy and I can sense your determination to fight this... sending you a huge hug and also I am excited for the class tomorrow!! I just love Kelly's work too and got one of her moleskins with the vintage camper on it because some day it is my dream to own my own vintage camper... love!

Tracey L.

Beautiful piece, Christy. She is strong, indeed!
As an almost certified Aromatherapist I am thrilled that you have found essential oils helpful and am curious which essential oils you are using...if you don't mind sharing.
Keep fighting, you have so much to give, and we love you for all that you are and all that you do.

Brenda Jensen

Love you Christy Tomlinson! Thanks for helping me find my inner artist. I love making art and need to start making time to do it. Sorry your feeling so crumby. I've been really really achy lately too. Take care of yourself!!

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