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April 11, 2013



How adorable are those owls! Thanks for a link to her website and for the chance to perhaps win.... I've never taken an online class like this....

Trenda Plunkett

I love owls, and Juliette's are breathtaking!


Stephanie T.

Looking at Juliette's owls always makes me smile! I think it's time to take a class and create some art of my own!


I wish I was a millionare so I could take all of these wonderful classes!! I love all of your are and the artists that you introduce us to. Totally Inspired!!!


I would love to win a spot in the owl class!

Sharon Robinson

I love owls and would love a chance to win this . I have admired her Juliette's work for a long time and even if I don't win I will still sign up for her workshop.

Kristen Pare

Love the chance to win!

Jenny Even

Would love the owl class, how cool! Thanks for the chance!

Jenn Gallagher

Juliette's Owls are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

Christianne Teixeira

Thanks so much for the awesome chance to win a spot in Juliette class. xoxo Chris


wow what a awesome giveaway !! Juliette Crane is one very talented Lady !! love her owls !

only wish i could create art as fabulous as you wonderful artist ..You all give me inspiration.
hugs and blessings xo


Oh wow, so excited for Juliette's new class. It looks amazing!

Sonya Boxsell

Winning a class would be a HOOT!!!!
Such an inspiration!!!

I would love to win this class!!! Owls are my totem animal. They are so beautiful! I would love to learn to create them! <3


Wow! They are beautiful!!!! I would love to learn how to paint them! I'm new to your workshops and loving them! Thank you so much the opportunity to win! Excited to know there are other workshops out there too!

Kristin M

Woo Hoo, thanks for the chance. I'm going to follow you on FB as well.


Me. Me! Please, please! I love those owls! And I realllllyyy want to learn the amazingness. :)

Cindi Ashbeck

It would be absolutely awesome to win a spot in this class! Thank you!


Such a fun class - would love to do this!

Diane Scott

Such cute, cute owls! I'd love to learn how to make one:)

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