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May 24, 2013


Jenny Martin

I love your beautiful girls - the 2nd one is my favourite too - It almost looks like a photo!


Beautiful Girls, Christy! Have a wonderful vacation! Looking forward to hearing more House news! What a grand adventure! Love ya!


Not sure if you knew you can convert your personal page to a business page and not lose a single "friend". You probably already know this. Have a great day!

Jill Shivers

I am waiting,waiting and waiting for you to talk about your fibromyalgia. Sure hoping you have time soon!


We had a condo at Gulf Shores - awesome place and great seafood. Our favorite place for local seafood was a little small place called King Neptune. Best shrimp and oysters around!A nice day trip is Fairhope, Alabama. A quaint small town, interesting shops, and good food. It is located on Mobile Bay. Hope you enjoy our beautiful Alabama shore!


I'm so happy that you raised the money for the youth group. Can't wait to get my mixed media package! The girls are beautiful! Thank you for sharing all your talent with us. You have inspired me beyond words! Can't wait to hear about the hidden gem beach front vacation! Have fun!

Paula Haynes

Have a great vacation and don't fret about what you left behind, it just wasn't meant to happen the way you planned and that is ok. Be in the moment and enjoy. Loved the behind the art class and look forward to the next one.

Judy in Huntsville, AL

Christy - Christy! CHRISTY!!! You're giving our secret away! We LOVE The Gulf - and Gulf Shores especially! Hope you're there and not further over into Florida - it's end of school and graduates ALWAYS head that way!
Some tips - Pensacola Naval Museum is free - and fun with kids of all ages - only 30 -40 minutes from Gulf Shores - and our favorite place to eat - TACKY JACKS, hands down - and of course The Shrimp Basket [all you can eat shrimp on Sundays and Wednesdays] We lived in Mobile years ago, so you'll be in our old 'stomping grounds' - Have fun!


Hope you & your family have an amazing time!! :)


Have a great time, the Gulf Coast is awesome, have lived all of my 58 years on it : )

Annie Lou

Greeting from Annie Lou. I have been to the Gulf Shores in Alabama and it is truly a well guarded secret !!! I went there for a wedding in October and we stayed in a condo and .... it was $60 a night !!! WHAT ??????? Have a fab time and you sound good !!!!!

heather williams

ooops...meant to say & be able to comment! :)

heather williams

Hey, Christy....this might be helpful to know for those who have sent you a friend request on Facebook: next to the "+1 add friend" request is "follow", if a person clicks "follow" they will be able to receive all of your updates & comment. :)

Safe travels & enjoy!!! Blessings ~H♥~

Belinda Arnold

These are so fabulous!! Just love the one thats yellow!!! and that brave, strong girl!!! LOL Peace

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