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May 15, 2013


Jodie Hume

I ordered one in may and see that the money was taken out but havent got it yet. Are they mailed out yet?

Patty Lipinski

Hi Christy,

This is a great idea!
Definitely will participate.
Have sent a shout out to all through
my social media.
Good Luck !

Liisa Holte-Dodd

Didn't see this post til today, Saturday. At least I was able to get the grab bag and help out. What a wonderful way to help kids. Camp is so much fun. Speaking from experience!

Tracy Meyer

God Bless you my friend, we've never met, but I love you already! I'm going shopping.....:)

Lori Cash

ahh dang, I missed both kits and was super wanting the favorites kit especially. I've server in YW's for 4 years and now am in activity days :) love those girls so much... also served in girls camp for 5. I can't think of a calling I loved more and how much I loved them and still do. You're awesome for offering this to them & I'd love to see these kits back in the store (hint hint, even at the full price)
thanks for all you do and your inspiration
<3 & grins Lori

Gwendolyn Taylor

I missed both kits ): if you get them back I'll purchase both. Off to shop and make a donation. You're an amazing human being.


Article is interesting, but i wonder where i can find good company for pre settlement funding, any ideas?

Kate P.

What a wonderful way to include us in your mission. Bless those amazing kids. I too got there too late to get the favorites kit, so I just bought 3 grab bags since they are all different and I love surprise packages of art supplies! I love you, Christy and all that you share with us. You are an art angel.

Fiona j

I'm also sorry to have missed out on the fav bag....woke up this morning and all gone....not there when I went to bed...boy there are some fast shoppers out there....give the Southern Hemisphere a go!


So sad I missed out on the FaVORITES KIT (I just got home from work) If you can get more or just the roller stamps pls let us know - and put me on the wait list (wish there was one) Bless you!


Such a wonderful thing to do for the kids, thanks for setting up the cash donation option. Good Luck


I can't believe you sold out already!! That's awesome. I got a grab bag kit but I would have gladly purchased both. Good luck to the kiddos and thank you for helping them!! That is so sweet :)

Phyllis B.

Hi Christy,
This is such a wonderful thing you're doing to help these kids out. I just purchased a Grab Bag kit, but please let us know if you get more of your Favorites kits. Would like to buy that too. Thanks! : )


So sad I missed the kit with the Dot Roller Stamp. So, So Sad :(


Of course I had to order!! Didn't get there soon enough to buy both kits but one will do!! Love that you are doing this and letting us help. Love to you and all the kids!! xoxo Erin

paula keeler



3rd Ward Youth Group Rocks, I am blessed to give and receive for the kids. Be blessed :)

Eniko DeLisle

What a nice idea, Christy!


sounds good! how much are they hoping to raise?

Tracy Eau Claire

Could not place my order fast enough! Thanks!

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