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June 14, 2013


Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

I am loving this post! I just told my husband about this & will show him the photos on his break tonight! This will be our next vacay! Thx so much for sharing!

oh and you would love Fairhope AL too...lots of quaint little shops & artsy-ness too! I believe there is an art walk that happens but I've yet to go to it.

The entire coast of Orange Beach, Destin, Pensacola, and Panama City Beach...all amazing!

Do come back! :)
xo Wendy

I live in Daphne Alabama & only minutes from Gulf Shores & Orange Beach!
How lovely you visited the South & here near me!
So wish I could have met you!! :(
Yes, the white sand beaches here are the awesome.ness. & we are kinda lucky to live here! ;-)
I see you visited the Battleship and that is only minutes from Daphne & Fairhope area.
Happy happy you had a fab visit & ya'll come back around! Ha!
xo Wendy

Nikki Da Lovely

Oh my goodness!
I just discovered your beautiful art (which I adore) this evening via Pinterest and now here I am reading your blog in disbelief because I live in the Gulf Shores, AL area!!!
It's so funny reading someones blog that lives a crossed the country and here they are talking about your home town.
What a tiny world we live in!!!!

Glad you enjoyed your stay down here!

The throwing bag game is called Corn Hole.
:) It's called that because you're "suppose" to fill the bags with dried corn kernels for the proper weight. haha


Thanks for sharing your vacation, I showed it to the hubby last night and we immediately started trying to contact the little resort. I thought I would have to talk him into it but after he saw your photos he was totally for it!


Looks like an amazing place and trip! How fun!

Norma Anne

We are heading to Gulf Shores in October for the shrimp festival. Thanks for reminding me of the joys in store for us...

Melissa McCutcheon

Wonderful reading of your amazing trip. Makes me want to go there! And it looks lik a great place for an art retreat?! Hint!

Barb Smith

Pensacola girl here...and we love it here! We are often called (we being Pensacola, Perdido Key, FL, Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, AL) the Redneck Riviera. What people don't realize is that the emphasis is on Riviera and not Redneck. I've been to a lot of beaches in my life but the water here in the RR is the best, IMO. So glad you and yours had such a grand time down here in our neck of the woods. Next time, fly into Pensacola and me and mine will give y'all a quick lift to your vacation oasis. :)
Peace & Love,


I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Alabama. I think being from here we take Gulf Shores for granted sometimes. I think it would be awesome to rent this whole place and do an art class/retreat. I know all your southern friends would love a chance to take a class in person!!!!

Judy in Huntsville, AL

Wonderful WONDERFUL review of one of our favorite places! A little note to those going into our Gulf waters - please - PLEASE -- adhere to the flags on the beaches - we had at least four drownings last week due to the undertow when the water looked deceptively calm...

Pam Dearmond

So glad you enjoyed our little corner of the earth!!! Thank you for posting this!
I am with Debbye, would also love for you to do a class down here sometime!


I live in North Alabama and Gulf Shores is our favorite place to go (even if it is 6+ hours away). Go glad that you enjoyed being here in our state!

Debbye Hicks

Glad to see you came to my neck of the woods and that you loved Gulf Shores! I've lived in Mobile all my life and our family considers L.A. (Lower Alabama) the best place in the world to live..Come back again y'all! Would love for you to do a class with us sometime. Much Love,

Barbara Messina

Christy, I too, am from Alabama and am so happy that you shared your Alabama experience. We sometimes get a "bum" wrap.
Gulf Shores and the entire surrounding area is amazing. Living 3 hours away, it's easy to take it for granted. Perdido Key and Foley are in the immediate area and Foley has some of the most amazing flea markets, boutiques, and artsy places ever. If you get back you need to explore these as well as Fairhope. You would love love love all the little shops. Also make some time to eat at LuLu's....the restaurant is owned by the sister of Jimmy Buffet and is amazing.
Anyway thanks again for sharing...and so happy your Alabama experience was memorable in a good way!


I loved reading about your trip. I am from Mobile, Alabama and now I live here in Eagle, Idaho! Pretty ironic I thought...Gulf shores was my favorite place to spend time with friends etc!!! I too am an artist so I keep up with you on your site and I love your work.Maybe we can meet one day.

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