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June 24, 2013


gmail hacking

good post i loved it..


Christy, Love the easels and I would love to do a retreat where I actually get to meet you! I want to get all the supplies so I can take the She Art Workshop 1 class and looking at the supplies, I can't find NeoColor Crayons anywhere, any sub. you recommend? Thanks!

sandy :)

Oh how wonderful that it all went so well.. it all looked like everyone was having a wonderful time.. Hope you have a wonderful reunion and get everything you want to get done, but dont worry everyone will manage no matter what you get done..
Sandy :)

Melanie P

I just love you energy and enthusiasm!! It sounds like it is catchy especially in such a wonderful atmosphere - oh, I would love to spend some time with you! I have been checking things out on your blog and classes for the last 8 months and I can say I am in awe!! Perhaps one day we shall meet!! Enjoy your new/old house!


I loved reading about this. And the fact you were are soooo humble Miss Christy!! That is what we all love about you!!!! BEAUTIFUL days and paintings and women. Love it!!!!!!

Beth Williamson

Amazing!! you realy are an inspiration. Ben seems to be pretty fantastic to!


Sounds like it was a fantastic retreat. Those clay hearts in ornate frames are a delight. I absolutely love them!


Wow - looks amazing!!!! I think I prefer Ben's easel to any I could buy!


Loved your story about having the girls for an art retreat....but I can't get over you hosting 100 family members for a reunion?!?!? *shocked*

ursula wollenberg

Oh, how I envy all of you. I miss painting with other painters and creative people. It has been too long. I would love to come over and paint with you. My husband's family lives in Milwaukee, not that far from you. Right?
Have a wonderful family reunion, relax and enjoy!

Ginger John

Wow. That seriously sounds so amazing. Someday I want you to teach me to paint. Someday.... :) xo

Eniko DeLisle

I'm so impressed with the lovely paintings the women created! Good luck w the family reunion! You go, girl!


I am sitting here with tears. I can't wait to get there in September!!!! This is going to be epic I just know it. My first real big girl trip in years. I can't think of a better gift to myself then this.
Christy you are just magical!!!

Janna Werner

This looks like lots of fun! I saw some on the photos on Instagram - I would have loved to be there with you!

becky voth

Sounds simply amazing! I hope one day I can budget enough $$ to experience a retreat with you! Good luck putting the finishing touches on the new/old house & sit back & enjoy your reunion!!!

Amy Shepard

What a dream to create with you! And especially in your new studio we all watched come together! Having Fibro myself, (as well as RA), I am always amazed at what you can do and it gives me inspiration!

Carla Bange

My favorite photo was the jumping one - what a perfect expression of their joy in themselves, their art and the time together. You were a huge inspiration to them all, I am sure (and vice versa, I imagine). I recommend all future blogs start with a "jumping with joy for art" pic!

Don't worry about the renovations of your home for the family reunion - once we finish we just start over again, so our homes are constantly in fabulous flux - just enjoy the times together and the people. Love you!

Lori Follis

Christie - you take Brave Girl to a whole new dimension. You are an inspiration and a blessing. Your family reunion is going to be amazing. I so wish I could meet someday. You have meant so much to me in the last year. Thanks so much for being brave and vulnerable and willing to take a risk. We - your online buddies - are absolutely the beneficiaries.


you are an amazing inspiration...way to go girl! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Anne Perlmutter

This is my dream...and you did it so well. Thank you for sharing.

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