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June 10, 2013


Sean Carter

Nice work! I bet that place is really starting to come together now. When I moved into a new place and it seemed really sparse I found small additions like hall way runners or paintings really could make a big difference right away

Eniko DeLisle

Good luck with the remodel & the reunion! Love that bathroom wall!

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

I am teaching an online class this summer too! Summerscapes with my artist friends Blenda Tyvoll and Jan SChmuckal and we are creating are favorite summer landscapes in watercolor, oil and mixed media! (do links work here? )

Am loving all the art supplies from the fundraiser kits especially the borders and the papers. Incorporated those into my latest peacock collage.. hope to have it posted on etsy soon.

enjoy summer with family-- how lucky you are to have such a large one.
xo Miriam

Allison G

My Fibro loves summer too! So excited to see the house when it is done!! Hang in there!


Christy, I am totally amazed by your energy and enthusiasm! You are unbelievable...I love it! I can't wait to see photos of your new/old house when it is finished. The reunion sounds huge and so much fun. Only you and Ben would attempt something of this magnitude in the middle of renovating your house.

sue schultheis

P.S. forgot to thank you for the most educational, fun, inspirational, etc etc She Art 3 class. I just took a class with Dina Wakely drawing faces and without She Art 3 I would have been so embarrassed. I love what I have created from your class and cannot wait for another. I will patiently wait until you have the time to do another, and another, and........Have a wonderful summer.

sue schultheis

Who could be upset with YOU?? Now is a time that is all about Christy and her family (and extended family). Everything will be done, the reunion will be phenomenal and your new/old home will be lived in and cozy before you know it. Enjoy.

Lori Follis

Hey Christy,

You are truly an inspiration!! I am so excited for you and your family and the upcoming family reunions. Your blog, store, classes, etc. are so fun and encouraging and there's so much to learn. Thanks for sharing so generously.

ursula wollenberg

Thanks Christy! Love the wood panel bathroom wall.

Julie Yonge

You just make us feel like family! I am sure your reunion will make the history books - it sounds amazing and I know everything will fall into place. Hope you will be able to slow down a bit, relax and enjoy every minute of it.

Candice Schwark

CHRISTY, CHRISTY, CHRISTY...WHERE ARE YOUR SAFETY GLASSES? Mother Hen Candice is shouting over the nail gun. You and Ben be careful in your rush to finish everything. Hand everyone a tool when they arrive for the reunion - LOL
Eager to see the results.

(I posted a variation of this before but it didn't show up, so if this now shows up twice, I apologize!)


Good luck with the house- I have been there and it is totally worth it in the end! (Yes really). Also, I got my fundraiser packets in the mail and they are AWESOME. They were a great idea and so much fun to get.


Oh cool! I saw you pin that. lol Great to see them in action! Good luck with with everything! Whew - busy start to summer for sure. Thanks for the class leads.

Kristin Townsend

You rock, just make sure you are taking care of yourself and not having any Fibro episodes if you can help it??? Thinking of you always, HUGS! Kristin


Thanks for sharing the pic of the bath. I am remodeling an older home too. I think that wall would look great in my master bath. Good luck on finishing the house.

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