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July 11, 2013


Dale Anne Potter

AWESOME post Christy! Thanks so much for sharing YOU!

Amber S

Thanks for sharing. I loved reading this!

andrea young

Just have to say you are truely a beautiful soul xxx btw when are you coming to australia !!! please pretty please

Judy in Huntsville, AL

Love this Christie!


I was so excited to read this post, Christy. All the way through my adventure of starting a creative business (very early stages), I've gone with 'what feels right'. Not what the experts say you are meant to do. Not what is the expected thing to do. But what felt right for me. And often the universe has sent me a sign to point me in the right direction. A breadcrumb here, a little light shone there. And I hope as I go further along, I still listen to that little voice. Deep down you know what the answer is.

There are people I know who have licensed work and I've always wondered why they weren't teaching more and now I know why. I think it's a shame that some licensing agreements limit how you can be creative. It comes from a place of lack not abundance. That there isn't enough for everyone when there actually is. And surely they are two completely different markets and audiences that wouldn't really clash enough for it to be an issue. Or they would even compliment each other.

I love that you feel your talent is not just for creating art to share but also in teaching others. What sharing your creativity does for other people. And knowing it is so much more than just showing people how to, but what that lights up inside them. I understand why you chose this as the path for you. Such a perfect fit.


Thank you SO much for this blog post! I'm wiping away tears. I've always been creative and "crafty." I always say it's my therapy and it's true. I get really grouchy when I can't create. For several years I've wanted to open a store with my creations and other's creations as well. I want it to be a place where women come and learn to be creative and just hang out and laugh and have fun. Fellowship. I have two stumbling blocks... money and fear :). I have found several places that would be perfect for a store, but so far nothing ever works out. I used to get really discouraged and sad, but now I just move on.... chalk it up to research and experience and wait for the day that God allows me to have what is best for me. What HE wants, not what I want. It's such a freeing feeling! Your post helped me more than you will ever know Christy. Thank you!!

Faith Gaspar

Clapping Hands together... Bravo Christy, Bravo....

You warm my heart.... Thank You....


Terri Daly

Thank you for sharing your talents! You are a gifted artist and fabulous teacher. You are so generous in the sharing of your talents and all of your artsy tips. Truly a blessing in my life and it sounds like so many other lives too.

Thank you for sharing what success means to you. It's not a typical definition, but so very appreciated. LOVE your classes. Besides being a phenomenal artist, I'm so grateful that you have generously shared your talents, your process and your life with us!


What a great post! Thanks for sticking with teaching! She Art was a fantastic turning point for me and gifted canvases were a blessing to those I gave them to. Looking forward to all the classes I snapped up in your sale yesterday!

Linda Crowe

Christy, you are an inspiration to so many, many people. I am currently taking SheArt3, and with each class I learn so much. I have proven to myself that this is what I need to do, at this moment in my life. THANK YOU!!!!!

Deb Varga

Oh Christy your words make my heart sing.Icouldn't agree more with you. You are truly inspiring. Thank you for so much. Deb


This is a truly lovely and honest post. I love that you found exactly what you are meant to do. That is my definition of success, and I am so happy you are able to share and teach others.

Barbara Frazier

This blog post is EXACTLY why we love you so much !


LOVE this post. Your heart is sooooo beautiful. And like you I KNOW my Father in Heaven loves me and wants what is best for ME. I am at that place in my own artistic life where my heart is telling me one thing and my "shoulds" another. I LOVE to teach!! To lift others up. To help them discover themselves and their talent. I used to think I had to create my thiings and SELL them to be a success. But you are 100% right....Success is very individual. And for me...being a wife and mom and TEACHER is where I am happiest!! I LOVE to create in my art journals and canvas's and yes it is so fun to sell things...but honestly my heart is all about TEACHING!!!!!

THANK yOU Christy!!!!!

U Rock:)


Judy Murrah

What beautiful words you have written. My God is an awesome God and I loved being reminded of that by you today. You have blessed so many in your work and sharing it with others. We all love you.


Amazing post Christy...and thank you for being brave enough to say NO to what someone else wanted and follow your heart!!! xxoo

Shannon Laux

Christy, I just signed up for She Art 2 and 3 and I'm beyond excited about it. I have decided after putting myself on the back burner for a while to do, I've lost a huge part of me. It is time to do some things for me that I love to do. I love learning, love being messy, love creating. I'm so looking forward to learning from you! I only heard about you a few months ago and you have fast become one of my favorite bloggers and artists. Your spirituality is beautiful. I'm so thankful that you decided to teach! Looking forward to the classes that I'm taking! :)


Thank you, Christy! You have no idea how this post has helped me. Feeling so overwhelmed in my world and feeling like I am not getting anywhere but reading your post has made me feel so much better. One step at a time is all I can do no more no less.
I love your art and I have taken some of your online courses. I feel more like a real artist now then just someone doing crafts or just messing around. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Toni Hinchcliffe

Christy, this was a beautiful and inspirational post! Thank you for sharing your art and soul with us!


Perfectly said! You are a true inspiration! Love you!

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