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July 22, 2013



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Christy, thanks for "hooking me up" with Michelle. She's the greatest! She's going to get me started. 20 years, have tried everything else for FM, so this sounds like it makes sense. I've been reading a lot about it, and I appreciate you posting about this so very much!

Love in FM and Art!


sharon murphy

I live by the doTerra pick up center and lucky me! I can order and run in and pick up what I want. Right now I have tendonitis in my shoulder. I have been using the peppermint, lavender straight on my skin. Then I follow up with Deep Blue Rub. I takes the edge off. doTerra is the bomb! Love it!


Thank you so very much for sharing all of this with us. I don't have fibro but I DO have major pain...somedays it's unbearable...some days very little. I was in a car accident years ago and cracked my neck and MAN does it bother me!!!! I have migraines and headaches daily and neck and shoulder pain...somedays I wake up and go WHY??!!! Like you when I walk daily and drink water and eat makes ALL the difference. I LOVE the ideas of using oils and will try some of these. Thank you soooo much for sharing. You are just a GREAT person. Seriously the best...your art and your big heart and just amazing!!!


Mary Gressard

Dearest Christy Thank you for your courageous testimony regarding your struggle with fibromyalgia. I too struggle with daily pain due to a back injury. I am unable to do the activities that I used to and my quality of life has certainly changed. I ordered some oils and look forward to giving it a try. Best wishes to you and I am confident that God will bless you as you have blessed so many others through your art which by the way I can't get enough of!

Kristin F

I have been using Doterra for about 5 months now. they brought me out of my depression. Since then I am a believer. I didn't have to get on heavy meds to find my way out of the dark. Now when my kids have a problem I shout "I got an oil for that!!!" They call it my vodoo but don't whine when coldsores are gone, sunburns fade and poison oak doesn't hurt. Cuts my colds in half if I don't caught it before it starts. I suggest start using the toothpaste - Has the cinnamon in it and has been helping with mouth problems across the board in my family. Good luck friend and keep moving forward.

Toni Crane

Hi Christy,
Firstly let me say how much of an inspiration you are and how blessed we are that you share your insight into so many things with us. I suffer alot from lower back pain and other aches as well as a few medical conditions. I have recently found that taking cinnamon tablets is such a huge relief to most of my aches to the point of me not having to take other pain medications. I hope this might help and that you are able to continue finding ways to relieve your body. Love you girl!!!! Toni XX

Carrie Torres

Hi Christy. It's Carrie from Florida. I just want to tell you that YOU INSPIRE ME. First, I am very sorry that you suffer from fibromyalgia. I have followed your blog for a few years. Over these past 10 months, I had 2 surgeries, more rounds of antibiotics and steroids than I can count. Endless trips to the Mayo Clinic an hour north and complications that stumped a world renowned surgeon. To top it off I was diagnosed with Raynaud's disease or phenomenon. That's because they have no idea why or what. I know you feel me! 2 months after my second surgery, I finally started responding to the treatments and surgeries and with a glimmer of hope, I then found something in my breast. In the end it was nothing. But I was scared and exhausted. Mostly, I was tired, somewhat defeated. I had not created in a year, but I went to my loft where I do create (sometimes) and just cried. I looked up and saw my first She Art girl. It was my version of me and it read "She left her fears behind..." I thought of you, your courage, the wonderful gift of your art, and your love for your family. I thought of your first She Art video, when you were out in the shed or barn and the cat was meowing and it was cold. Ben put warmers outside to help with the fibro. You just kept truckin along, with a bounce in your voice, like nothing could stop you. Just happy to be. Grateful for your gift, your talent and those you love and love you back. YOU INSPIRED ME get up, be BRAVE and know that I, along, with hubby, my kids and my family and my faith, would be ok. Please know that you make a difference, you INSPIRE! Keep on truckin' brave girl!!Don't forget how you inspire so many. God Bless!

Sorry so lengthy. Carrie


Love this post! I'm also a big believer in using essential oils for everything, but I'm like you, I'm always surprised when they work! :)


Thank you...just getting over 2 weeks of a "bad day" with fibro and do not want to start on the meds if possible. So again.... Thank you for sharing.

fay copeland

I have been reading a book about gluten sensitivity. I have wheat sensitivity. There was a comment about having this sensitivity can trigger a lot of physical symptons plus it sometimes can lead to or exacerbate chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. fay


i have rsds or crps which is a pain syndrome. unfortunately, it has spread throughout my whole body.

i, too, use essential oils in a carrier oil like apricot seed oil. i use lavandin/lavender, melissa, sage, rosemary and peppermint essential oils. sometimes rose and jasmine help too. i make various mixes for both aromatherapy and massage oils.

i also do other holistic techniques as well as conventional treatments. it took me a long time to find the right combination of therapies.

good luck to you christy,

evie :D


Hi Christy, I had to google fibro as I had no idea what it was and I am sorry to hear you and many others suffer with it :-( I have never left a message before but wanted to say I love your blog and updates on the new/old house...just awesome what you have created there. You are very inspiring and through your workshops as well I have found my "creative mojo" so I can't thank you enough for that! Best wishes to you and your lovely family and glad the oils are helping you manage your pain a bit as well!!


I enjoyed reading what you use for Fibro. Thanks so much for posting this.


It's so funny, I was just thinking about messaging you about essential oils, and you are all over it. My sister and mom have fibro, I probably do too, but am too stubborn to admit it. I'm a physical therapist assistant and kind of terrified of the diagnosis. My sister recently came to visit me in Jacksonville to go to Mayo clinic to address pain issues. The best thing she got out of trip after seeing numerous specialists... was to try the essential oils. She ended up finding the young living oils through her massage therapist. I just signed up under her for the discounts. My feet and legs kill me after chasing patients all day. My sisiters fav is the wintergreen and frakenscence. They say that essential oils were mentioned 1000 times in the Bible and were even traded as currency. I'm ready to give them a go. Anything to keep me going. God Bless you! Keep sharing your recipes for pain and inflammation girly! Love your art!


Thanks for posting re: the essential oils. Very helpful. For folks who may resist, they need to remember that our skin is an organ, and it absorbs stuff good and bad. Of course there are lots of science reasons to give it a try but I'll let you and others write or link that kind of stuff.
I meant to post about The Stick, a massage roller stick to help get out muscle knots, myofascial release, etc. My physical therapist let me use hers and it is amazing. You can get them at REI and I assume Amazon. Mini or travel size as well as regular size. They look like an abacus on a stick. I have CRPS/RSDS and like Fibro get deep aching pain as well as all kinds of other pains. Using this massage stick has been really helpful. Company name on stick is RPI,
I imagine if I combine the essential oils with my other therapies I would experience less pain - cross fingers and say prayers for all of us.
Thanks again Christy. I hope all the rest of pain posters find relief too.

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