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July 19, 2013


lida slimming

christytomlinson: Dealing with Fibromyalgia.. what works for me.. Part One:

Nan Jacobson

PS. Kelly, I see that my previous post was removed. I thought you should know that I am not selling anything related to Isotonix. I was just offering help for those who are suffering from Fibromyalgia. This worked for me. I no longer suffer. I also had diverticulitis and used the digestive enzymes on the site I previously posted. I no longer suffer from that either. The Dr. said "I don't know what you are doing, but you need to keep doing it."

Brenda Huggins

Christy, Thank you for your info on Fibro. I was diagnosed with a B-12 deficiency in 2009 and I know exactly what you mean when people look at you (and you look fine) and tell you it is all in your head! It took 4 months to figure out what it was and yes, at times, I wanted to drop off the face of this earth too. I now also have rhumatoid arthritis in my hands, wrists and take methatrexate for it. I, too, am looking into essential oils for these - autoimmune diseases. Take care,

Sarah H.

My friend sent me here b/c she saw your instagram post on your oils. I have fibro, and my story is so similar to yours, though your's is much more extreme than mine. I thought I was either going crazy or dying of some horrible disease. Everything came back normal, so I was diagnosed with fibro. I always feel like people roll their eyes when I tell them. I am really thinking of trying the oils. I am on amitriptyline right now, but I would love to get off of medicine. I'm not sure it's possible, but I'd like to try. Heading over to read the rest of your story! Thanks for sharing!

Judy Craik

I am going to read your blogs over and over again. I don't have fibro but I have Restless Legs and get very little sleep and with no sleep life isn't good. I feel for you Christy with all your pain you go through. I thank you for letting us know about essential oils and what they can do. You are a blessing to us and your art inspires me so. What oil is best for RLS. I don't have the money to buy everything right now!


thank you for sharing this info. My sister was diagnosed awhile ago and has bad days and good days. I'll suggest this to her, b/c as you know, any answer is worth trying when you live with pain.

I'm so glad to know you've found a way to live with this. Your art is beautiful and it's made so many people happy. My fave part of your videos is how messy you get and "whatever" attitude about it. I'm sooo messy when I create. But it's freeing.

Best, Char


Amen, amen, AMEN! Every single word, yep, I'm right there with you. The judgmental thing, the Lord maybe showing me, the PAIN, the meds, etc. I have had FM for 20 years. Good grief. I know what you're saying. Thank you. I've had the naysayers, and even have lost a friendship or 2 over having to cancel plans at the last minute because I couldn't drag myself out of bed. When it gets bad, I want to scream, but I know that would make the pain worse. Right? I know you're with me. I've been in studies, to the foremost Doctors in the world... the authorities about FM. They do get it, but they're still looking too. I'm going to read part 2 now, and look into getting the oils. A friend sent me to this post, (I haven't been getting your posts lately for some reason, so I'm going to re-subscribe. Thank you!

Sheila in Oregon
p.s. I know Jesus saves, and thanks to Him, Art does too!

Carol Mc

Thanks for sharing. I don't have Fibro,
but I do have chronic back, neck and leg
pain from a car accident. I'm going
to investigate some of the oils.


Thanks so much for posting this. I suffer from migraines and I can empathize with your situation. I never thought of oils for my situation. I guess I'm going to google! Your bravery in sharing this is amazing!

Sue Chippendale

Many many people are misdiagnosed with fibro and ME/CFS and others when it is their thyroid - why does this happen? because their thyroid blood test results are within the range.

People say, no my thyroid is fine because my doc says so ......NO you have to ask for a thyroid antibody blood test and your free t3 and free t4 as they usually only test TSH.

Dr Lowe who sadly died last year was the expert in fibromyalgia and thyroid disease.

It took me 5 years to get my health back, it takes some people many more. I do hope that you can find a doctor who can help you make a speedy recovery. Check out too, Best Wishes, Sue

Medeah Kitsmiller

Love DoTerra and use Solace for my crazy hormones. Totally calms me down.


You are the second person that has told me about these oils this week! My friend uses them for a multitude of things including allergies, asthma, colds, and she used them as a seasoning. She swears by them! So sorry to hear about the fibro, but happy that you are on the mend with the oils. Blessings!


Thank you for sharing Christy! So much of what you said is "ME" . I have MS and understand EVERYTHING you are saying!

Kelly Aubert

I also have fibro and I'm so excited about about the info on oils! I'm going to start looking into that. My husband bought an accupuncture appointment for me so I was thinking I should do that and maybe she'll know about the oils. Thank you, Christy! Besides the pain the hardest thing about this disease is how others react or treat us. It is sometimes hard to shake it off because you would never wish this kind of thing on anyone and we just want to be understood and loved! xoxo


Thank you so much for sharing this. I've had Fibro for over 7 years, or should I say I was diagnosed over 7 years ago. I've taken all of the drugs for this dreaded "syndrome" and am now on Savella. It works ok, better than nothing of course. I saw your Instagram post back in March or April about the oils you used and I too thought, I know nothing about essential oils and how could that work. I'm a Nurse and until I got this fully relied on my Dr. and medication. Since getting Fibro I've starting researching natural remedies more than ever. I don't know why I'd never heard of Doterra before but after seeing your post and ordering and trying them myself I say you're an angel and it was meant for me to read that post. I started using the oils the middle of April I think. I've quit taking 7 of the multitude of medications I was taking. I did consult with my Dr. about getting off some of my medications first. I made up the rub that you used and it stopped my pain instantly. I was amazed! I have the most pain in my shoulders and neck, constantly. I've even had surgery on my right shoulder and it helped for about a year, back in pain again. I used to get cortizone injections every 3 mths. in each shoulder. Since I started using the oils I haven't been back for another injection because I manage the pain with the oils. To say you changed my life is an understatement. I too signed up as an IPC. I tell everyone I can about the oils. I've got my Mom and my Husband using them. My Husband loves my diffuser in our bedroom and is now suggesting what "he'd" like me to use. I love it. I've also started getting my 19 yr. old son to use them. I've made my own salves and shared them with my step daughter who loved them. I just can't sing their praises enough. So many years I spent in a fog and felt so terrible and now I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel like exercising and have been, I've lost weight which is a great feeling. I won't say I don't have a bad day because I'm having one right now with our humid Louisiana weather. But I don't have to depend on medicine alone anymore. I can't wait to read your next post. Also wanted to add that I believe like you that God gave me Fibro to help me draw closer to him, have more emphathy and kindness towards others. I have to say I try to put myself in others shoes before judging them or a situation at all now. It's helped me to appreciate a good day and enjoy it without overdoing it. It's also taught me how to say No to a lot of things and focus more on my family. For that I'm forever grateful.


I am actually lying in bed cause I am having a bad day.. I have some essential oils but they don't seem to work. I will give them another chance.. and the salt.. thanks for sharing. you don't know how many times I have told myself to get up and quite laying around..but I hurt and I can't...

Angi eharis

So i am crying reading this because until u live with chronic pain u have no idea what we live with, i am a RN that after years of nursing and back injury have not been able to work for 5 years and will never be able to do nursing work again, thank god for crafting/art work! I started doing crafting stuff years ago for my mental health, but anyways i just wanted to let u know i totally understand your pain and the thrill these oils are bringing u, i defintely want to hear more and when i can sfford it i will try them, i discovered birkenstock sandals recently and how much relief i got from wearing them, i have horrible nerve pain in my feet, and just getting a little relief/less daily pain is such a gift but no one really wants to hear about it! Love and blessings christy, aloha, angi in hana


I agree the low-carb, no sugar, no bread, no gluten and high protein diet. It means no pain!


it's interesting to read your story. one thing that stood out to me was that you neither believed fibro or essential oils are real yet both are tangible and scientific. but with your heavenly father you have faith. maybe something to think about? also has anyone spoken with you about the connection to past traumatic events with fibro? it may help to seek some grief counseling.


You are truly an inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Although, I don't have fibro, I do have some stiffness/pain going down my legs from from some inflammation on my S1 and S2 nerves going down my behind and then on the sides of my legs. Steroid shots help, but I'm thinking that maybe oils could be the answer. I love natural things and have been using jojoba oil to control psoriasis symptoms, so I'm looking forward to your post Monday! :)

Also, I have noticed that I FEEL so much better eating a low-carb, no sugar diet; however, for some reason, my cravings are out of control right now and I'm cheating. And guess what? I just don't feel good. Going back on that tomorrow morning because it truly makes a difference, especially with my blood sugar levels. :)

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