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July 19, 2013



Thank you for sharing this. I have several friends with fibro and they are in so much pain. I'll pass along your blog right now.


Thank you Christy for sharing your experience with this illness. I must admit that I have not, in the past been very empathetic with others that said they had fibromyalgia but listening to you makes my heart ache. I do feel sad that you are experiencing this. I heard a newscast somewhere about finally discovering in the brain what caused and actually identified fibromyalgia.. Have you seen, read or heard about this? I think they have found a new medication for fibromyalgia... I guess what is important is the fact that they now know that this is not an imaginary illness, it is real. So for all of you who suffer from fibromyalgia I must say I am sorry for so many of us that have not understood how much you have been suffering...My apologies to each of you and we can only pray that there will be an end and a way to truly control this illness

Lisa L.

Thank you! I do not have a diagnosis. None of the specialists think it is Fibro and I have been tested for a multitude of problems. But the pain is there - some days worse than others. I have to the conclusions that I have to try different things and see what works. So this was very helpful.


Thank you so so much for your post. I have Fibro since 2008 and about one year ago it began to be harder and harder. I will try it for sure! Thank you again

Sara Jansen

I love your story....One of the things I know about life is that things fall apart so they can come together again. And I'm sitting here wondering if this is what I need to do. I'll spare you the saga, but suffice it to say I've had anal cancer (of all things) and my digestive system is seriously messed up. Two or three times a week I just have a lot of pain. Like last night. Miserable. It eventually goes away, but it alters the day. I KNOW you know what that is like. Definetly not normal. Do you know if they make an oil for that? Or who I could contact for that?
Thanks Christy.

Melissa Dalrymple

I love how open your are and vulnerable to share your personal life and your heart. I am going through fertility treatment now and debated on whether or not to even post it on my personal blog, then I decided like you, what the heck, it will help someone else and me getting my thoughts down. We all have our own journeys, but we all have something in common, just wrote a blog about this......that we can not do it alone. We have to have support in our lives. Sending you lots of love and lightness. Also healing thoughts. Take care of yourself, looks like you are well on your way.

Amanda Trent

Wow, thanks for sharing your story! You are so brave to talk about it. Seriously, brave.

Martha Richardson

Thanks for that info. I have been suffering with Fibro for decades. I'm going to try this but I know for me that not ingesting any gluten helps tremendously! Also as I've aged it seems to have subsided to some degree.

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