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July 16, 2013



Hi Christy, I love your stuff! You have inspired me - I am a clay artist but have been uninspired I tried my hand at mixed media art and I can't seem to stop! :) Feel a little guilty about leaving my old friend clay behind but I'm hopeful that I'll get back to it! Thanks for the inspiration!


Christy...I was so happy to see your great art work featured in the Somerset Studio magazine. All of your hard work is starting to make you well known everywhere. You are a loving, caring, and hard working person and you are becoming famous. If any of you that have not seen this article it is must have. Thanks you Christy for being such a great honest person that you are.
Janis Borrowman


Glad you are feeling so good this summer with all you have going on. Can't wait for your new Tuts and always love updates on your house. It all looks so awesome.

Laura Strack

Yay, Christy, videos using the kits are coming!! Hip hip hurray!! You have granted me my wish! Looking forward to seeing the progress on the house and the warehouse sale. Lots of bust and exciting things going on in your neck of the woods :)

Nancy Lorenz

Well, I ordered Muvazi for the first time! Hope it works on my 55 year old face! LOL. Gotta keep those wrinkles down. : ). So I thought with Christys recommendation I would try! Thank you for letting us know about the special.

Jill norwood

I am a fairly new mixed media fan and finally made my very first canvas! I learned a lot by doing so and know what to do better/differently next time! I must say it is a TON of fun!! Thanks so much for your videos! And for your scarlet lime site etc! I am slowly collecting more art supplies and improvising in the meantime! I look forward to seeing pictures of your home! I have an old fixer here in Seattle and I know how much work it is!
Someday I would love to take a class from you too! The one you blogged about recently looked like it was such an uplifting experience!
:) Jill


I am so glad you are doing tutorials for past kits. I have lots of supplies left and need ideas! ! :)

Chris Barron

Your energy and Ben's amazes me! You juggle so many balls in the air and obviously, do it well! I sooooo look forward to your posts and news!


When did you break into my house and take a picture of my studio desk?!?!?! ;)

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

oh gosh-- you are making tutorials of past kits...after I have used most of the supplies!?! lol! (will have to order more, maybe)

Barbara Hernandez

Can't thank you enough for sharing Muvazi with us. I ordered after your 1st post about it..and have been using it ever since. Both my daughters use it too.
Truly the best face care system I have ever used. I love each of the products and make sure I never run out. Customer service is the best part.
Really nice people and wonderful product.

sue schultheis

WOW, Christy you are a busy woman! Looking forward to the videos and sale. Love spending time with you.

Catherine Warner

Wow...what a pace to keep up....I am looking forward to seeing your progress both in th house and your style and videos...One question...what doyou use to get your hands clean....???

Cathwren in Kalamazoo

Cathy Garrett

Love hearing all your progress and news! Keep it coming!

Elena Vigil-Farinas

I LOVE Muvazi!! It's all I use now too.


Love hearing about all that's going on!! Looking forward to your sell. I am in love with spray inks at the moment. I bought my first one from you:)

Love how your house is coming along!!

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