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July 09, 2013



Thanks for offering such a great sale on your classes. I am taking Behind the Art now, it is my first experience in mixed media, and am having a ball! Can't wait to try the others I purchased tonight. I am so glad for the opportunity to learn from you.


Your garden decorations for the reunion is gorgeous. Those lanterns! Loved the Instagram pic of them at night - oh my....

I'm super excited to read your thoughts on your business as part of the blog hop. As someone just starting their adventure - making a commitment to run towards that big, wild, crazy dream is scary and you face so many doubts and questions as you go. To hear about the business side of art and creativity from one of your art idols and mentors is such a gift - I can't wait!


Bless you!! Finally a Scarlet Lime sale when I'm not broke!! LOL Well, not totally broke. I am so excited!! I'm so glad everything went well with the reunion...sounds like it was a great time. I love that you have such a large, close-knit family and it was very nice to read about it. Also nice to hear you're putting the finishing touches on the new/old house!!

Teresa Roberts

Oh Christy . . . you shouldn't dangle such temptation in front of us! I signed up for 4 . . . yes 4 of your classes! I so thoroughly enjoyed Behind the Art and learned SO much!! Enjoy that new laundry room too!!


I also liked hearing about your reunion and new laundry room.
I can't find the Pumpkins and Cider description on the blog. Could you tell me where I can find out more?
Also, we can do Your Living Canvas at the reduced price (since I procrastinated and didn't finish on time, even with your extra month).


What a great set-up for your family! Looks like so much fun!


I loved your family reunion post. Sounds like you had a fabulopus time.
p.s. Congratulations on your washer and dryer hee hee

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