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August 05, 2013


B. Stockton

Can you tell me what days & times the class is so that it does not conflict with other things I am doing the next two weeks. I also would like a list of supplies before I sign up to make sure I can find the items. I do not live near where you are putting this class on to be able to get the supplies from you.

Laurie Price

What workshops are going to be available after the Aug 5th one.
Thanks Laurie

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.Wow...I guess everyone wants the Supply List!! LOL I am hoping this class will be available after the start date because My finances dictate that I hold off a while. (I ordered a Vitamix blender off QVC that I have wanted for 30 years or so, and that's going to cost me about $80/month for 6 months. That is usually money I budget for art supplies and classes so I bite the bullet in that area for 6 months but I really, really, really wanted that blender!!) I love your on-line classes so I hope I can pick it up later!

To change the subject, I took your advice and ordered the Muvazi system and I love it. My face is so soft and I haven't had a zit since I started using it 2 weeks ago. Thank you, Christy!!

Victoria Paige

I am super excited like everyone else but I definitely need more particulars...when and how long the sessions are. The materials list would be great too! I cannot wait...I have lots of chalkboards that are dying to become beautiful!

Kim D.

I totally agree with other comments. I would like to have a "Materials" needed list now since I have already signed up for the class! is very unclear of the EXACT dates and times! I really need this info. so that I am able to re-arrange my calendar in order to take the workshop! Please HELP!


Can you provide and estimate for supplies we will need for the entire workshop?

Kate Burroughs

You say a two week class. Is that a lesson a day for two weeks or two lessons, one a week? Or? Can you tell us how many lessons, i.e. 10 ten minute videos and how many templates or what is actually being offered? I have been disappointed in so many online workshops that I don't want to sign up without having more particulars. I don't mind if a class exceeds what they promise to deliver, just find the outline for this class extremely vague. If I do sign up after more details on the contents are given, I too, would want the supply list in advance so I can play along and not have to wait two weeks for my supplies to come.


I'd love to get my supplies before class to be prepared.
Can I get the supplies now?!

Excited to learn!!

Barbara Frazier

Would it be possible to get the supply list prior to class starting so that we can be prepared. As students, we get SOOOO motivated but if we dont have the supplies we can't immediately "create". Thank so much !

Sandy Horton

Puleeeeese send out the supply list now so we can gather what we need. Thanks


Christy- Im new at this. Can you explain how this online class works a bit more? Do I need to do anything else other than buy the workshop at this point? Is that how I sign up?


Just signed up but shouldn't we get a Class Materials list before the day of class? I like to be prepared. Plus, I love a reason to buy more stuff!


Thanks Christy!

Oooooh!! I am ALL in!!!!

Christy Tomlinson

Cassandra yes! I have been posting about them in my last blog posts.. they are already done just waiting to be uploaded.. (please read my last few blog posts ) xoxox

Christy Tomlinson

Alison, all my workshops, you have access for a year. the class itself has 2 weeks worth of content :)


I have a question too. How long is each workshop..? Time wise

Julie Maples

I too hope this is on-line? I am just realizing that it did not specifify and I think you usually do so I sure hope this is on-line! (jumping, singing, jumping, singing)!!


Is this an online video workshop? If so, for how long can I access the classes?

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