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August 22, 2013


Kay Burnett

it's wonderful to watch you work! totally enjoying the trio of classes you started this year with (still) and always keeping up with how you and your family are doing :) learning more everyday and always glad to know you can just paint over it and start over!!! i love how you have evolved and what a blessing you are in my life!

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Katherine Snow

Enjoy! Great canvas!

Kathy Mahurin

I would love to win this beautiful collage. You've taught me so much through your courses, and you never cease to amaze me. Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be more ideas for you to teach, you blow me away with another inspirational piece!


Oh, boy. I love your tutorials. Please put my name in the hat, too!

Carol P

I love this tutorial and canvas and would love the opportunity to win it. Your art is so refreshing and fun! Thanks for the chance.


I am so HAPPY - another video! I am always inspired by your uninhibited creative works and draw inspiration from you always ... Thank you Christy!

Blond Duck

Oh, it looks so fun! Thanks!


Love your online class and tutorials.


Love the videos, hope to win the canvas!!

Patricia C

Love the tutorial! Can't wait to try something like it.

Andrea Bilich

yippee! thanks for the chance to win xxx


LOVE the canvas and the video too! I love your classes... so this was a treat! You truly inspire me when I watch your classes and blog. :) Would love to win this original canvas!!!


I was so excited to see that you had posted a video, as I am a subscriber to your mixed media kit, and find your tutorials give me so much inspiration! I look forward to seeing more.=)


I could watch your videos all day long! Ur creativity is so inspiring--just bought from ur store for the first time & can't wait to make some canvases! Would love to have one of ur pieces!

Danette Munn

I LOVE this one!!!! It is so CUTE, just like you!!!!!

Amy Malla

Love the video and thanks for sharing with us.


I LOVE the canvas and the video too! I'm looking forward to see more tutorials. I work in my art journal only, but when I watch you do this I want to get myself a canvas and a kit to play with!!

Account Deleted

Loved the video! I'd be thrilled to win this original art piece. When I retired and started my artsy adventure your class was the first I took online (and several since) - thanks for making my journey so much fun.

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