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October 29, 2013


SAM  aka sheila sabatino

christy--happy birthday---thank you so much for the great party favor !!! i love the girl challenge--i might decide to do faces eventually because of you---SAM

Carol Gourley

I love every single one!!!!!



Seeing Your art makes me smile and inpsires me so!

Thank You for sharing Your heart...
in Your original "A Girl a Day" blog.

The Portion of Your Blog regarding You and Yours going through some hard times and not wanting to share much about it resonated with me.

I myself have gone through difficulties within my little Family in the last three years and have closed myself off to others as well as feeling that no would or could understand.

It has caused my creativity to fall to the wayside and just now I am beginning to create again.

Thank You Again for the inspiration it came at a much needed time!


Happiest of birthday's Miss Christy! Love the 30 days of girls, so much fun. I've been making girls on canvas like crazy lately. My challenge was to do sort of art each day so I'm filling up my sketchbook and loving it. :)

Kristi Simpson

Thank you for adding the videos!! I can't wait! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Melanni Partridge

Such an inspiration! I am going to try a challenge of sorts myself, 30 days of creativity starting November 1st.

I love all of the girls you have created in your challenge and the variety of products used to create them. Thanks for sharing.

Raylene from Alaska

I've been taking the challenge and I think I'm at day 13 so far
I was really afraid at first because I don't draw very well
However I just dove right in and decided to have fun
No matter what.
So now I want to say how cool it's turning out for my girls!
I have been making them with faces and as I draw another and another
I seem to be getting better at it.
Also it has inspired me to just give it a try and
See what happens.

Erin B

Yea for the kit club videos!! Super excited these talented ladies are going to be helping you out! I love watching those. Make sure they get a copy of your music for the background!! Love that, too :)
Thanks for sharing your evolution of girls. Love where they're going!!!


Love the girls too....why stop at the 30 day challenge? keep


I LOVE your girls...I know I just screamed it..but seriously..they just make me happy..I am loving the wings. Nov. 1st I think I will start the girl a day challenge along with my daily thankful challenge! :) Thank you for inspiring me! Have a wonderful day!!!

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