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October 23, 2013


Christy Tomlinson

Ellen I emailed you! let me know if you got it!

Donna Howard

I'm so excited, I just signed up for your week long retreat...a Dream come true! I can't wait to meet everyone, share our experiences and most of all start CREATING! ♥

Ellen Berry

I have been trying to sign up and pay for the Mini retreat in January, but the website will not let me use the @ symbol to enter my email address. It won't allow it from my keyboard or the Kaspersky keyboard. Please help. I want to sign up before the class gets filled. I started to give you my credit card/PayPal info, but was afraid your system might automatically post the "comment."

Sandra Kaye

Hello Christy!!! I signed up lickey split for your spring retreat!!!! I have been a huge fan for years!!! I am soooooo stinkin' excited cant hardly contain myself!!!!!! Thank you for doing this smaller retreat...they are my favorite kind!!! I love getting to know people:):) Hugs-- See ya in April!!! Sandie

Lori Peterson

Hi, Christy! Wow! I think I read your workshop details and sent in my deposit in record time ... less than 1/2 an hour from your notice arriving in my Inbox. I'm excited beyond words, and counting down the "sleeps" will begin shortly! After following your blog, Instagram and a couple of on-line classes, I feel I already know you and your lovely family ... it will be so wonderful to meet you in person and spend a week with like-minded souls just creating up a storm! Many thanks, Lori

Sherry DiPaolo

I so wish I could go to one of your retreats. They seem life changing. Unfortunately I live in PA and can't really afford it, but I can dream and maybe someday attend a retreat. Wish you were in PA!!!! You are amazing and I just love your work and all you do. You have been a huge inspiration for me. I've taken all of your classes online and I have grown so much with my art. I recently attended a huge craft fair near my home and sold items!!! it was humbling to have people pay for my work, but felt so good. I also got a lot of nice comments and some of the girls that stopped knew of you from online.

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