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October 05, 2013


Such a wonderful class!! How I would love to take part. Winning a spot will be the only way I can, so fingers crossed :-)
Thanks Chrissy for the opportunity!

I would love to win this class as I'm always trying to learn new techniques and it would be great to learn from so many talented women. I think when you have so many different teachers you get such a great opportunity to try something that you never thought you would do. I especially would love to learn about painting faces. I know art journaling would enhance my artistic knowledge. Thank you for this opportunity to win. You rock!


I am always interested in learning anything new. Thanks for the giveaway Christy!


Thanks for great chance to win:)
Looking forward to learning more from you

Jackie Humphreys

So much to learn from so many fabulous artists. I would be so excited to win a place on the Life Book 2014. Good luck everyone.....:)

Danielle Valles

LifeBook sounds like an amazing experience and I would love to be a pattern of it! Plus it will give me a much needed creative outlet from grad school. Thanks!

Jeanne Elliott

I love to work on faces and I think your style is fabulous! So, doing that as part of Lifebook would be GREAT!!!

Kay Burnett

hi christy! so glad to see this :) LIFEBOOK 2014 would be such an awesome experience - just to be able to let go and free myself like i have watched you do - from your sheart girls to the beautiful women you create now. you have grown so much! as much as i would love to attend a retreat and to learn from you in person i know i would never be able to afford it. i was in hopes of you coming to the east coast. however, the fact that you share your world online is such a wonderful opportunity in itself. looking forward to what another year brings - thanks for this opportunity :)


Hope i win!! Just want to keep busy with art as it is so healing.

Kathy Sumpter

This sounds absolutely fantastic. I would love to learn from the amazing talent of each of the instructors, their style and technique.


Oops. Hit "post" on my previous post before I mentioned why I want to take this class. One reason, among many, is the opportunity to learn from various artists without having to leave home. Thanks for the chance to win.


I really wanted to take Lifebook 2013 but wasn't able to work it out. I would absolutely love to take the 2014 series. What a lineup of talent! So exciting. Crossing my fingers!! :)

Cindy Craig

I am currently taking Lifebook 2013. I look forward to learning from some of the same people and some new teachers in 2014. I love learning new techniques from so many different teachers.

Fay Clymer Copeland

i feel like i need this class too. i enjoyed the she art retreat and wish i could come to your retreat with junelle. i love learning new techniques. Creating art takes me into a world of happiness away from the cares of my world right now.

Laurie Sherwin

Just being able to learn from all these wonderful teachers would be the most amazing thing, thanks for offering this. Laurie

Melanie Langworthy

I am discovering that Mixed Media Art takes on many forms and styles and I have just begun learning from just a few. The Lifebook classes would open a whole new world to anyone having the oppportunity to be involved with all those instructors and artists. Thank you for offering us the chance to take that workshop with little cost to ourselves.


Christy, Thank you so much for this generous gift. What I loved most about my first experience with Lifebook (2013) was that I learned so many techniques and skills from all the diverse talented instructors participating in Tamera's LifeBook.

Although all of the lessons didn't speak to me personally...I still learned something new from every instructor. The lessons and journaling portion of this experience was just as personally gratifying as was the Art.
Again, thanks for the opportunity!

Christy Crumley Keith

I feel like participating in Life Book 2014 would be an incredible learning experience!! I have always loved being creative, mostly by scrapbooking and card making, but then I discovered art journaling I feel like I have found my true passion!! I love EVERYTHING about art journaling, but I'm a newbie and sometimes struggle with blank pages and sometimes I have a hard time covering up a pretty background! Lol I think Life Book would help me take my journaling to the next level! I love learning from other artists and creating a happy, joyous, and soulful mess!! :) Thank you for this opportunity!!


Wow - What an awesome opportunity to learn so much in one venue; I would hope to learn such a wide variety of techniques, styles, and materials that nothing could stop me from creating!! The added bonus? Getting to know the artists :))

Lana Wong

I need it! I need a break from the real world of work where all I do is push boring paper. Let me find out that there's another world full of creativity and passion where I can lose myself in it's colors and designs and learn to be a dynamic individual again. My friend Maria took lsat year's class and her transformation was exciting to hear about. Go Maria!!

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