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November 18, 2013


Melody S. from KS

I think my favorite holiday tradition in our family is putting all of the ornaments that the children made over the years on the tree!

Beth W

Hanging stocking for my boys-who are all now grown men. Yet each Christmas it is still their favorite thing. I try to get them all the same "toy" each year. It is wonderful to see my adult males become little boys again-even it's just for a little while.

donna johnson

I moved to Texas 2 years ago from Cajun Country. I had always made Duck Gumbo for Christmas Eve dinner. But, wanting to be like a true Cowgirl I adopted the tradition of homemade tamales! It requires a lot of preparation and supplies but OMG! FUN! Now I have begun a new Christmas Eve Tradition that is so welcomed by my family.

Linda B.

My favorite tradition from my childhood was when the whole family went to choose the tree from our own shelterbelt; to bring it in a decorate together. And you MUST hang tinsel ONE STRAND at a time - no tossing handfuls! We always had the freshest, sweetest smelling trees ever.

Heather Parrish

My kids love decorating our family tree and then heading over to their grandparents and decorating theirs too -- I just think the kids always do a better job and we love sitting around looking at and remember all the tresures we have that were handmade or bought to celebrate the year. Memories!!!

Bev Victory

My mom kept all of my Santa pictures taken at Famous Barr a department store in St. Louis. Each December we traveled 60 miles into the city to see the decorated/animated Christmas windows and get my picture taken. Mom passed in 2010, but I continue the tradition of putting out all of my pictures on a shelf for the holiday season. Taken in the late 40's and early 50's they are so much fun. A special treasure is that it's the same Santa in 4 of the pictures. Reminds me of a simpler time and a loving family.

Kathleen D

Getting our christmas tree each year is a tradition of sorts. Ever since my daughter was little having the "perfect tree" was such a big deal, even to the extent that she chipped in money one year so we could buy a bigger and "better" tree. Then as the years went by she heard that her friend's parents go up to the mountains ever year to cut down trees. So from then on we began to get our trees via her friend's parents freshly cut from the mountains and delivered to Florida. We never know what our tree will look like but it's an adventure to pick up our personally selected tree. Some years it has been perfect and others (like the year the tree came with tiny little black bugs) not so perfect. But by now it's such a fun thing to see what our new tree will look like.

Pat Healey

Our favorite tradition is our Christmas stockings, opened on Christmas morning. When each child is born, a special stocking, full of bling, is made and hung each Christmas Eve for every Christmas thereafter. This year I turned 70 and will hang my original stocking made way back in 1943. I know Santa won't forget!

Tamara Carisch

Singing carols around the piano when we visit Nanna and Pappa in Minnesota is one of our favorite family traditions. Decorating the tree with handmade ornaments is another.


With our new Grandson, we will be starting some new traditions this year and keeping many of the old. I'm so excited for this class to help start those new traditions. Thank you so much!


My holiday tradition is to bake all of the same goodies that my Grandmother made for the holidays. I still have all of her handwritten recipes. And most of the things I make/bake at Christmas are all Danish recipes she brought with her from Denmark. I can't let go of the memories. Now I'm teaching my granddaughters the same traditions and making copies of these recipes.

Gail Greer

I make with my girls a gingerbread house. It is auctioned off to benefit foreign missionaries during a yearly auction at my church.

Lisa Lee

our holiday tradition is too open one gift together on Christmas eve.The "Christmas eve box " where I put Pajamas for everyone,a Christmas movie and some snack food to eat during the movie...its nice to just chill out on Christmas eve spending some time together before the big day.i also put in a handmade ornament for each of my children in the box to hang on the tree and to keep when they are older a gift from there Mum.:)

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

my favorite part about the holidays is this class. seriously. I can't wait until later today!


I live in Italy and in my tradition at Christmas you make tortellini in broth, it makes the dough by hand, stuffed with meat, and chicken broth and beef with herbs and spices.
the day before you make tortellini stuffed with chestnuts and Cremona mustard ...
exquisite ....
and the presents are opened together on the bed mom and dad 'and grandmother brings the coffee' at all


I bake cookies! It is always fun to try something new. I also am a sucker for sewing little gingerbread men ornaments or a matryoshka dolls out of felt. I don't make many, ( one or two) but it is fun!

Mary Gardiner

My favourite holiday tradition is looking around at the houses decorated in Xmas lights. I haven't done this course before and are new to the art world but would LOVE to win a spot :)


what a great giveaway! wow! my fav thing to dress up the tree with my girls! thanks for it and have a great day!!


My favourite tradition is to read christmas books with my kids every night.
Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your wonderful class.


the advent calendar. is not something common/traditional in my country but my daughter loves to find a little surprise every day and her joy makes me happy, so I made it a tradition in our house. thank you for the chance Cristy! looks like a fun class!

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