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November 18, 2013



on christmas eve we are having raclette... easy to prepare and a good meal to sit and talk. every year we say: "we should have raclette more often", but somehow it became our "christmas - only" dinner...


Just like many before our tradition that started with my grandparents and parents who have now passed it on to us and our children is waking up early on the first Saturday in December, getting into the truck and driving to our favorite tree farms, where we not only pick our douglas fir but we also get to take a small sapling tree home with us that we take care of through the winter and when spring hits we take it back to the farm and plant it there. These saplings come with the purchase of the tree and it is a great way for us to teach the kiddo's about sustaining nature. We end the day with hot apple cyder and a buggy ride around the farm.

Dawn B

I think the best part for us is making a big ol pot of chili on a Sunday and that evening all the kids and I pull out the decorations for the tree and decorate. Its fun to hear the kids remember why we bought the ornament we did for what reason. Love love love family time

Carmen Lucero

We are originally from Mexico, so my mother would start building the nativity set little by little, beginning with the people, the animals, the manger and finally the baby Jesus. Oh we looked forward to the day when she would bring the baby out because we knew it was the day of the Three Magi January 6th. My mom is now gone, now we live in the US, and my sister inherited all the pieces, so it's up to her to start the tradition 25 days before, but know it's Christmas instead.

Thanks for the chance at a seat in the class!

tammy murdock

I love so many things about being with my family at Christmas. We have lots of little traditions, but one very constant one is pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve after we decorate gingerbread houses.


Our Christmas morning is quiet since all the kids are grown up with families of their own and we celebrate with them Christmas eve.So we cook a big prime rib with all the trimmings and invite my parents and anyone else who is home alone on Christmas day. Huge feast and a lot of fun!

Olivia L.

Every year the women of my family gather to make cookies, chocolates, and caramels for neighbors & loved ones. It's exhausting, but so wonderful to be together & share our love with others.

Jan Buffington

My grandkids come for dinner the 1st Sunday in Dec to put up our tree and decorate the house. We bake cookies and make decorations,I hope to learn some new things to share with them this year.


A favorite holiday tradition is our includes a lot of activities for family time....and that is what I treasure!!

Carol Gourley

My favourite holiday tradition at our house is the fondu we have at Christmas Eve. Everyone helps prepare and everyone helps eat! I feel that our whole family is in a perfect state of Joy.

Angie Cater

The last couple years I am just grateful to have both my girls home to spend together, whether it's decorating the tree or christmas shopping. Thanks for the chance to win the class!

Yvonne Portillo

One tradition my family has is walking through Candy Cane Lane. CCL is an entire street in town that decorates for Christmas and many people in town come out to enjoy the festivities. It is great to see old and new friends and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.


Every year we put together stockings for children in need at our church. Now that my children are teenagers and have and jobs, they love to purchase toys for the stockings.

Teresa beg

One holiday traditions is to pick a new ornament for my daughter. Then when she moves away from home she will have gift to take with her.


So many great traditions now, but one fave that I never forget was from childhood. A local department store used to set up an entire area of their store as the "Enchanted Forest". Every year my Mom would bring us there, regardless of how tight money was for her, to have our pics taken with Santa. The floors were transformed into snow banks with Lord knows how many yards of batting and there were mechanical figures that danced and played around you while you waited in line. It truly was magical. Then of course on the way out you would get to talk with Bruce the Spruce (a man hiding behind a large fake spruce tree) to see how things were at the North Pole. And then a trip through the kids store...the store employees would bring you into a special little tented off area where you could purchase little under $1 gifts for your parents that would get wrapped right away so they wouldn't know what you bought them. Oh my, how special it felt to give my Mom those presents! Thank you for the chance to win a spot in your class Christy!!

Sally Penning

One of my favorite traditions is to have my friends from work over for lunch and for favors I give them handmade gifts.

donna k

I love everything about the holiday season. I think my most favorite part is getting all the decorations out. I love to see all the special ornaments I have from my childhood as well as all the ones my kids have made or received over the years.
I cant wait to take this class.
thanks for the chance to win a spot.


Christmas ornaments have been a big tradition in my family starting with my grandma. She gave oranaments to all her grandchildren every year, then our first Christmas on our own she would give them to us to decorate our own tree. I've continued that tradition in my own way. Thanks.

Toni Crane

My favourite tradition would be the famy nativity that my Mum organizes each year. Watching my children play different parts and singing the carols and hearing my parents tell the story of our Saviors birth always moves me to tears.

Toni K

Just being together as a family is the best tradition!

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