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December 07, 2013


Nancy Johnston

I think Joy would be a wonderful word for me to focus on this next year as well. Grateful seems to go without saying, and I have too much frowny time. I'm having some scary health issues as the previous poster went through as well on top of singleness that just isn't what I envisioned at this time in my life. but I have another holiday season to enjoy with my daughter and family, so life is good.



My favorite word is "friends". I depend on them for love and support. they always come through for me.

barbara macaskill

My word or 2014 is confidence. I want to be more confident in my new way of life. I was injured in 2005 and have had many health issues since. At one point I was dead and my husband revived me. He came home and I was not breathing and had no pulse. I want to be more confident about going in public with my limp, a hand that has 3 non working fingers and wearing oxygen. Needless to say my way of life is totally different than it was before 8-18-2005.
I hope your trip is fun-filled and enjoyable!

My word is "HEALTH" After battling terminal cancer for 3 years and 3 remissions later, I want my health to stay for good!!! I'm tired of doing chemo for 2 years non stop...this week I have my "last" 3 treatment" I hope!!! I am grateful for chemo as it has prolonged my life 1 year :).....


finding joy again has been my mantra for the past several years.
there are so many blessings hiding under the heartache. hoping you find yours soon.
much love.

Barbara Konopa

My word for 2014 is "Be". I took this from a Tim Holtz blog post. BE in the moment. BE nicer. BE cheerful. BE thankful. I can go on and on.
Merry Christmas Christy

Peggy Raymer

My Word for 2014 is "thankful". After a year of biopsie's and surgery. I am looking to 2014 thankful to be alive and healthy and happy. Sometime's we forget the little things until you might not have them. I wish you joy for the new year.

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