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January 27, 2014



I've tried your tips a couple of times and have been very happy with the results. Thank you!!

Erin Rutkowski

OMG! You are so cute! I have hair just like yours and I am going to try it!
SOO tired of strait hair!!!


Bless you from one thin hair sister to another! Such great tips and ideas.

Shannon L

You Rock and thank you for this!!! your video was awesome! :) Thank you for the product list..really helps a girl like me that wants all the specifics! :)

Lisa in Texas

You are straight up adorable. Period. You look beautiful and I love the red. Your eye make up looks amazing too. Thanks for the video and all your cuteness that goes along with it. Thanks for all that you do. :) Have a great retreat weekend -- sure wish I could be there. XOXO

Andrea Kaciniel

Well hello from England,

I too thank you for your video! I have poker straight, fine hair but have always waved my hair with as my daughters say that is SO 80's mum! And they are right. I can't get all the products that you use but the techniques are spot on! So thank you again, for being brave and sharing you methods. xx

ps have just discovered you and your art through Pinterest. Love your videos and style. I actually spent the day on Sunday getting my study/craft room straight so I might start to create again!


Beautiful you and beautiful hair! Loved the video and will be heading to Walmart for some thin/fine hair products. Thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone to share with all of us.


You are the cutest thing ever!! I actually took your instagram picture to my beautician and had her cut my hair like yours. This tutorial makes me so happy!!!!! Thank you!!


You are so adorable!! Thank you for sharing this, very helpful to know about those products.


Beautiful Christy... you are such a sweetie.... thank you for sharing your tips and techniques...

Jenny ♥

Lisa J

You are so. stinkin. cute. I heart you fish lips and all. Went and bought a couple of the products today. I have super fine thin hair too. Can't wait to try this! Thanks girl!


Thank you for the video, Christy! You are gorgeous! Thanks for the details on the products - I think I'm going to try the Play Dirty spray wax for my wavy fine hair. My hair's too short right now to do much with a curling iron, but I've passed on the link to your video to my mum who has long, fine, straight hair :)

Pamela Palmer

Cute hair style! I love your eye brows....I have mine tweezed to thin, Yours looks great :)
Hope to someday take a class room you on how to draw :) Thanks, Pam


Thank you Christy, I have really fine long hair and I get so frustrated... going to give this a try for sure. xoxox


So cute! And helpful! Thank you.

Danielle Kelly

Thank you Christy! Your hair looks beautiful! :)

Wendy Peatross

I loved your video! And the product list and how-to's were so helpful.

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