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January 06, 2014


Christy Tomlinson

Serafina.. sorry you feel this way. I actually have to disagree with you as we were present when this happened and our kids said it was actually their best Christmas ever. Our youngest Son, Noah(who is 8) was in on our plan, as Ben sat down with him the day before and let him know of his surprise and our Noah was SO excited about it and happy to be apart of it. Coming from a strong Christian background our kids already know the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. It's mainly about Christ for us, not Santa Claus. (They also knew that we wouldn't let Christmas go without them getting some gifts from us) That being said, they actually said they thought it was super neat and the best Christmas they ever had. So for our kids it was a neat experience. So while you may not like it for your family, it was something that our family truly enjoyed and they were able to share with their friends after Christmas, which we felt was a great opportunity to share their message and feelings about Christ this year. xoxoxo


I am sorry but i think that was a terrible thing to do to your children on Xmas morning. You did not put yourself in their shoes. You should have prepared them ahead of tme, not spring it on them like that shsme! Especially thinking of the childlike joy snd anticipation they would have gone to bed with that night. It was feel good gor the grownups but the children had no option but accept.what was dumped on them on Xmas morning


So sweet! Happy New Year!


Happy new year to you and your family!
Cool idea of a christmas surprise. I will surely come to visit and see your tutorials. You are such a great artist.

Lori Follis

Hi Christy, Just watched your opening video from you 'She Had Three Hearts' class. The one where you share about claiming yourself as an artist etc. I was so moved by your words, transparency and authenticity. I just wanted to let you know how much your sharing encouraged me and I felt your 'heart' in that video very much. I have done several of your classes and feel like my life as an 'artist' is due so much to my finding your blog and connecting with you through your teaching, your work, your sense of humour and your generosity. Just wanted to say thanks and keep doing what you're doing - it's a gift!!

the little details company

So excited to see what you have in store for us.. I miss seeing your creative process on video.. I agree that it's great to see your unedited stuff because it keeps this all real :) after meeting you two years ago at CHA, I have blossomed into such a better artist because of things like your classes and videos.. I wish I were going to CHA again this year but my goal is 2015... My word this year is SHINE... I'm going to Shine this year definitely with the help of your teaching ;)

Jane Murray

I just lost my job but am joyful that I have your blog to uplift me. There will be a positive outcome from this new turn in my life. Thank you. Will you be in California for CMA? Would love to meet you in person.


Happy New Year to you and the family Christy. Looking forward to following along!!
Big hugs from Scotland


We love you, Christy!!! Thanks for you.

Melissa Johnson

Enjoyed your post! My one little word for this year is GROW. As a family at the end of the year we all write down our goals for the following year and take stock of how we did with our previous year's goals. One of mine this year is to take more classes, and I was holding out for one of yours! So glad that you will be doing more this year. I hope to get to meet in person at CHA later this week! :)

fay copeland

I was also been blessed to have come to your home for the she art retreat. 2013 was a very hard year for both my husband and I. I am not sure what 2014 holds in store for us but since my word is believe for the year I have hope in that whatever comes our way we will be able to handle. I have taken most of your classes and love and learn so much from them. It sounds like you have new ideas and i will be glad to tag along on your journey


Happy New Year....I cant wait - you made my day! Thank you for the inspiration!


You said "we didn't bring in presents for them to open lol.. Stockings as well.. so they had a wonderful Christmas all around." Did you mean to say that you DID bring in presents and stockings? Or, you actually did not have any presents for each child?


I've missed your tutorial videos. So, yay for those new ones coming soon!! It is inspirational to see the products in use, especially by someone who is willing to be so real and not edit out the "process" - I giggle sometimes at your thinking out loud and comments when you don't care for something and choose to change it. LOL! However, in 3 weeks I will be watching and learning from you in person and I can hardly focus on anything but that right now!!!


What a wonderful Christmas idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to creatively sharing 2014 with you!


Oh my goodness Christy honey, I can't wait. I can't afford to take your online classes but squuuueeee re your video tutorials. Yippeee can't wait for the first one. Big hugs for 2014 and, like you, here's to a brighter 2014 (starting with a total hip replacement on my left side late Feb - I'm 51). Love and smiles from NZ xxx


sounds awesome!!! Cant wait to see what you bring us.

heidi hines

Ya can't wait for the new kit and for the classes!!! I will for sure be signing up. xoxooxox

Lori Souter

Love the single gift that was under your tree on Christmas morning. Your children have no idea how lucky they are for the visual, under their own Christmas tree, of the true meaning of the season. I am so happy that you shared your personal Christmas morning experience. I want to come spend the night with your family next Christmas Eve! Blessings for the New Year Christy!

Sandy Combs

You are such a dear, special soul! I look forward to learning more with you during 2014. For some reason just reading your posts brings a bounce in my step, a smile to my face and a warm fuzzy to my heart!!!! Thanks for sharing so generously!

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