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February 10, 2014


alicia king

hey girlie!

i was just looking back at your posts and was going to leave a comment on your first retreat post, but it said comments were closed...anyway, i love that you are doing your art retreats! my husband and i had dreamed of doing this when we lived out in labelle. we had purchased our property and dreamed of adding to the house, to have an awesome scrapbook room just big enough to host events. we dreamed of having people over, and him cooking his gourmet meals....just like ben! we are a lot alike. now makes me sad that we had to move away!! any way i am proud of you and all that you have accomplished :)


Ugh, I hope you are happy. I'm following you on Instagram and now I'm addicted. How will I ever get my art done now? LOL
Love you and your talent.


I am happy to see you back as well. I have been dying to see your retreat photos. So now I am following you in Instagram. Can't wait for you to open up details for the next retreat.

Get to feeling better girly.

Tracy Trebb

Hi Christy, Tracy here from Canada, we are seriously freezing here, weather and snow have been brutal this year!! I am emailing because my phone died and I lost all my emails, I need to be sent the log-in information again for the workshop : studying under the masters, it was paid for a long time ago, but lately I have been technologically challenged to say the least. Pls send as soon as possible, I am dying to get going on this !! Thank you so much, tracy


I just love stopping by here Christy. You are just so like me...real and open and honest. Love that about you!! I can feel your son is now 19 and after much soul searching has chosen not to serve at mission at this time but he is moving to Texas for work. Actually very cool as he will be living with many Returned Missionaries!! They will be selling for the alarm system company Vivent...I just know this is something he needs to do!! I am secretly hoping he decides to serve a mission after spending all summer with a bunch of RM's:)

We live in the Independence Mission so if your son gets called here...know that the Ackman Family will take VERY GOOD care of him!!

Your new goodies in your shop look AMAZING:)

Have a wonderful creative day!!!



Hi Christy, I can very much relate to how you feel of the children growing up. My oldest is twenty-one and my youngest sixteen. I get sad when I think of the youngest leaving as I've been a homemaker for twenty-two years and being momma is all I know. Transition has been hard but I am pressing through. :)

I hope the fibro eases up and you're feeling better soon. Have a great day!

judith eddington

Just signed up and subscribed to art society- so excited!


Looking forward to your product preview infomercial. Seriously, you always pick the cutest dang stuff that always makes my art and journals FUN!!!

Sheila Elzey

I paid the $99.95 yet never got an email for the Jan video. I guess I thought it must not start till Feb! Anyway, I'm your aol problem child that needs it sent to I'll send this to your email acct as well in case you don't check these comments. Thanks! Sheila Elzey

Kristin Townsend

Girl, it has been a terrible month for my Fibro as well. I don't even know how I got out of bed today but I had to and I am in a ton of hurt right now. I hope the days gets easier for us both:) HUGS!


I am so happy to see you back on your blog. I have MISSED you!!!

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