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February 14, 2014



Love these! I was looking forward for your Tuesday announcement and did not see it. Is their another day?
Jessica :)

Laura Anderson

Thanks so much Christy !! LOVE LOVE LOVE your art


thank u for the extra love:)


Thanks are such a sweetheart!


Hi Christy! Is the girl's head supposed to be missing? I can't get the face to show up no matter what I do. If it is supposed to have a head, can you email the picture to me please? Feeling silly! Angela


How wonderful! Thank you so much

Mylissa Stout

Thank you so much for the special sweet!
Happy Valentine's Day to you too!


You are sweeter than punch… thank you so much. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. I hope your day if filed with love from friends and family, smiling faces, and lots of sweet and fragrant surprises.

Faith Gaspar

Thank You so Much Christy for Sharing Your Love with Us all!! Happy Valentines Day to YOU!!!



Thank you so much! These prints are just so sweet.


Thanks so much for your awesome shares. Love your work

Larissa Heskett. ;)

OMG!! Christy how SWEET are you!! I have some original prints that you sold at SPARK and they are Very Special to me because you signed them and because of just how you are!! ;) this is just going to be some icing on the cake!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and thinking of us and I hope that you too are having a FABULOUS Valentine's Day and that you know how much you are LOVED by all of us, especially because of the way that you INSPIRE and Fuel all of us with Creative Spirits!! Sending Country Hugs and Kisses your way SWEET Christy!! Have a Fabulous Weekend!! ;)


Christy you are SO generous! Thank you... I just love your boot gals,😍 I printed her and popped her in a frame, she is in my kitchen by the door...just waiting to greet all my guests❤️ Thank you.


Thanks your the best!! I absolutely love these girls and waiting for a class around them.


You inspire me :))

Helen C

Really love all your watercolor girls!


You are so sweet! Thank you so much....I love them!!!
I can't wait to hear about your new class!

Carol Gourley

I love your water colours Christy, thanks for sharing
you are so generous


LOVE LOVE THESE!!! Thank you so much, both are sweet!

Judith Kaufman

So sweet! Thanks so much, Christy!

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