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March 31, 2014



oh Christy I sooooo want to do this ! I have taken your classes and love all of have taught me so much.A TRUE INSPIRATION to this wanna be artist.

I really suck at drawing but I know practice makes perfect maybe oneday I will draw as amazing as you.'
Im so going to put this on my Mothersday wish list on the fridge.hehe

I love water colours and would love to know how to use them and also to use them on the go as my children play hockey and this would be great to do while im there.

Much love and Hugs xo

Linda Richards

FANTASTIC ART! I love the various colors you use for the boots!

I love your photo of you & your husband! You look great!

I just ordered a bunch of the Scarlet Lime pens! I LOVE THEM! I quit using my other "favorite" pens! I even took them to work with me to use! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!


I can't wait to get started! What do I need to get started?


Super excited for this class!! Can't wait till it gets posted, hoping to be home this afternoon to dive in. I can't sketch/draw very well but it's going to be so much fun!! I have loved your boot series since the very first one you shared on IG Christy!! So excited about this idea, THANK YOU!!!


I'm SO excited for this to start! Is there a supply list that I'm missing somewhere? Ignore that question if that gets answered tomorrow ;)

Peggy R

I Took Christy's she art classes and she is amazing. Not only is she a great teacher, she is so warm and friendly. I loved it.


Margaret! No experience needed! And I share with you a supply list for everything ! And most items are available in our online store xoxox


Do you have to have any experience???
Do you have the supplies available? I live out in the sticks. Lol

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