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March 10, 2014


Susan Daniel

My favorite thing about spring besides the wonderful warmth, the sweet smells, and all the blooms popping out, is the celebration of resurrection!

Christine Newman Aumiller

My favorite thing about spring is hyacinths. I love the smell and the sight of them.


My favorite thing about spring is the light! As I live up north the winter is a dark period. As spring is coming, so is the light returning. With the light vimse growth, happines and mist needed energy.

shay kent

Favorite thing about Spring? New beginnings for sure!

Amanda Smith

My favorite thing about spring is the warmer temperatures!!

Dawn Gavlinski

I love watching everything come back to life! All the colors. The sunshine and warm breeze! Thanks for a chance at a spot in one of your classes!

peggy depue

I love Spring because it is natures gracious invitation to go outside and explore her vast beauty!!!!! I have never been able to turn that invitation down, how about you?

Francine Cronos

I love Spring because everything comes back to life after a hot, dry summer and a cold, dreary winter. The grass turns green, the trees are full of blooms, the early spring flowers pop their heads up out of the earth, the bees collect pollen, birds build nests, and the hummingbirds sip nectar from the flowers. My soul is renewed.


Blooming flowers and trees and the sound of birds.

Sherry Porter

Spring - the sunshine, kids playing outside in the neighborhood, bike rides, and painting projects outside.

Laura Strack

I love when the Monarch Butterflies come through on their migration. It is always a sign of Spring and rebirth.




Warmer weather and the flowers! Thanks for the chance!

Jackie Humphreys

I love to see lots and lots of daffodils in the most unusual places. When I see them it makes me smile to think that even in the most obscure place there can be life and colour. I also love sunny spring mornings that make you thankful for every day.

Peggy Mcdevitt

Spring means new growth, outside with the change of season and self growth. Love your work

Ivonne Morales

Adore the happy colors of Spring. It make me happy to.

Sonia S

I love the change in the colors. Especially since i moved to a place where the colors actually change.

Heather Ferguson

I love when the sun is out just a bit longer in the evening and I adore when new fresh flowers start blooming and showing us their happiness...I love seeing all the colorful blooms coming to life...
(thanks for the opportunity to win, but I may just sign up for all of them anyway- they look super fun)


Would love to win a creative class - spring is time to be creative


Smell of flowers by the wind blowing.

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