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April 30, 2014


Angela Kale

Interesting, exciting and beautiful. I liked. Photo've come out nice, by the way.


WTG Allie! I am from Kelowna, BC Canada, about 7 hours from Calgary, AB.
I hope you made a ton of earings...they will no doubt sell out! Good luck! Off to get me some!

Rita Seed

Off to look now babe. Talented just like her Mom.

Have you thought of making wrap bracelets, they are super easy and very trendy right now. See:

Send me waves when you get to Canada. xxxxxxx

Patty Marker

Before I head over to buy my earrings I had to tell you that I thought of you and your son who's leaving on his mission trip. We have been in the midst of Santa Ana winds here in Southern California and have several large trees that have left our yard a huge mess. The LDS missionaries were riding by, saw me looking at the damage and offered to clean up the mess for me. They didn't preach, they just offered kindness...the best kind of testimony for sure. I am a Christ follower already but if I weren't these young men spoke volumes by the act of service they offered and about what it's like to live sacrificially. If not for the video you shared of your son on instagram, I am not sure I would have seen them as someones son on a missions trip. Thank you for opening my eyes. Patty


Those earrings are gorgeous! I can't wait to get mine in. :-)

Jenn H

Just placed my order!! So happy to help!!!

Michelle Saxon

Woot! I ordered 5 pair and had to stop myself! Beautiful!


This is wonderful....Just placed my order!

Rhonda K Hereford

Ordered mine (and one pr each for my girlies for Mother's day gifts!) and they are all just so beautiful that it is hard to choose!! Good job, Allie!

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

btw- you should double your prices.

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

Holy cow! Her etsy shop is amazing and looks so beautifully branded and professional! I love all her product photography. Kudos Allie! (the earrings look irrresistable too)


Ordered mine!!!! Can't wait!!!!

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