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April 04, 2014


Wendy Allen

Totally will help out if he's in our area ;). Thanks for sharing this.


Christy - I can't even imagine. Sending my daughter off to college was scary enough - you are brave and so is Braden. Thank you for sharing your story. Having met you and Ben (and one of your daughters) -- Braden must be extra special as well. xo Jeanne


What a sweet story Christy, so happy and excited for all of you. I bet he will do great and learn so much, it's a great experience for the kids. If he is nearby I would love to help feed and spoil your son!! Can't wait to hear the news of where/when he's going. Wish to attend one of your retreats but no funds and too far away.

My oldest daughter is leaving on a mission trip this July. She is joining the World Race where they visit 11 countries in 11 months. We are excited, proud and nervous and sad mixed together. She has done smaller missions but this is the longest. We know where she will be each month and can talk when time allows on our phones/ emails/IG but it's not the same as having her here with us. Thankful for the technology these days to help bring us a little closer.
Will keep your son and family in my prayers! HUGS!!

Art by Jenny

How exciting for you and all your family!!! I hope you can at least be in contact with him while he is travelling around! You'll miss him heaps, but the world is such a small place really!
I know Adelaide, South Australia doesn't really need extra help getting introduced to God as we have many Christians of all different religions here, but it would be so super exciting if Braden was assigned here! We'd have him and his friend over for dinner as often as they liked :D My son is 15 going on 30 so they'll get along great! Wherever he goes, I'm sure he'll be looked after well :D

Katie K.

How exciting. From what you shared, I now understand why the young missionaries and the young LDS adults that I have met are so mature, unselfish, and so prepared for what God calls them to be and do. Even the process of applying is instilling of selfless service. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy Mason-Nichol

Thanks for sharing. I knew a little about missions but not all the details. I find it interesting to learn about other faiths. When my daughter (only child)left for university 2 years ago I was a mess and she was only going 2 hours away! I was fine after the first week but it does take some adjustement and you never stop worri=ying about them. God Bless.


I too had no idea, how exciting for all of you and scary as a mom! If he comes to the UK, I will be sure to bake him cookies and more! What an exciting adventure :))

Melinda Isen

Oh my gosh...very happy for your family and I sure understand!!! please keep us posted...what a great honor to serve God!!!! you must be very proud of you son...

lori jolley

Hey Christy - our missionary number one will be back in June and we are waiting, waiting for the call to arrive for missionary number two! Braden wil be great! Let us know when his farewell is so we can come!!! Its one of the hardest and sweetest things ever to have a missionary out! But you just wait until Allie wants to go! Please let us know where and when Braden is going!! Love ya!

Rhonda K Hereford

That's awesome, Christy - I wondered if that was what kept you from posting retreat dates and I know you're excited/nervous for him to go! He's a wonderful young man (all your kids are WONDERFUL!) and he will do well because of your sweet family and the things y'all have taught him. You can for sure count on meals and treats in the Northwest Louisiana region should he happen to end up here. ;-)

Kathy Wittlock

I am in Alabama, when I owned my store there were several young men that would stop and visit with me. They were always so kind, and even offered to mow my grass when my husband was sick. I will be happy to be bake your son some cookies and be a friend if arrives near. Best wishes!

Linda Barutha

So fascinating! I had no idea that LDS's do this. What an incredible act of unselfishness. You should be very proud! Thank you educating me a little on your religion today! I truly appreciate it.

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