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June 17, 2014



Idaho for She Matters Retreats ---Can I have more info on this??????? Art in Idaho? It would be nice!


I am so glad you still blog, as I only follow you on YouTube. So its a good thing for you to continue blogging, its almost like story telling and It feels as if I took a mind vacation, thank you!


Love, love your blog!! Love your art and family adventures please continue!! Are you going to start selling the bracelets? i would love to have one of the she matters! I have a friend that truly matters!

Felicia Aaron

Christy, first off HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! May God continue to bless you with more wonderful years with your beloved! Second, PLEASE post more! Like a lot of the other comments, I don't have Instagram and rarely get on Facebook anymore! I love seeing your blogs and check it ALL the time looking for a new post and most importantly, a new VIDEO!! I love your work and you are such an inspiration to so many! Thank you for your shared creativity to all of us out her in cyber space!! Blessings!

Amber K

Please continue your blog! Like the others, I don't really follow anyone on Instagram or Facebook. I like blogs, they really show more of who you are as a person, in my opinion. It lets the real you shine through. But it is a trend I've beeing seeing lately. More and more people are moving to these types of social medias and shutting down their blogs. Makes me sad, but I already spend enough time on the internets, and I'm not willing to start following a bunch of people in new places. So don't worry about sounding redundant! Looks like to most of us this is this first we hear of your posts!

Halle G

The island trip sounds delightful until the puking. We had a trip similar to that...we both ended up so violently ill at the end of a wonderful trip. I try to forget the end...and focus on the fun parts.


I read it all but the blog allows us to really hear your "voice". Doesn't feel redundant at all, please keep it up!! XO

Rochelle Melville

love your blog am an avid reader, so much nicer than other social media, the pace is sweeter too.

Mary Gressard

PLEASE continue your blog! I do not do Facebook or instagram . Miss you here!


Don't worry that you repeat stuff, I like to read the
Blog. I Do Not take part or read FB, so I enjoy your
Post here. I like the bracelets and I know where to get the
Lettering, from Meody Ross I am having a hard time finding the leather,
Plain for bracelets. If I don't have "belts" do you know
Where I can get the leather?

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