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June 25, 2014


lisa hampton

So excited about the beltbracelets. i've wanted to know how to make them for so long!!! Thanks for sharing. What font is the "JOY" in the photo above seek Joy? I have to have those stamps!!

amy @ one artsy mama

I loooove these!


I'm super excited for this class! I have been ogling over these belt bracelets on your Facebook and Instagram. I just signed up!

Mary Peritore

Today is the day the belt bracelet is suppose to start
when will it come up?
Please let me know.

Mary Pat Randall

Hi, Christy! I am excited for your workshop. Your bracelets are adorable. Please contact me through my email address with the class details.Thanks so much!
P.S. Have you heard the latest discovery with fibromyalgia? My daughter just posted it today. If your interested let me know. I am challenged with all the social media and with fibromyalgia!


I want to try this so badly but no income right now. I am wondering if I can scrape up the class money what will the supply list be - is there a list somewhere before signing up for the class? These look wonderful and maybe I could make some for my Etsy shop as some income during my illness.

Dell Richards

Just signed up. I can't wait to take this class!

Sara Schofield

Hi Christy!
I've been following your colorful creative blog and insta for a while since we moved to Idaho Falls and love your style. I've also been collecting belts for this very reason for my girls to make bracelets at girls camp in two weeks… so excited to get some tips and make fun stuff! Thanks for offering this workshop! :)

Jennifer Fox

Signed up! Cannot wait to try and create these beauties for myself! I have noticed these type of bracelets in shops and admired them so much! Excited to make my own creations!


oh Yes, Just signed up and ready to rock. Been collecting belts for years now. Sad thing they are getting harder to find at good deals. Think everyone is on to us gals who love these belts as bracelets. Thanks for putting this class together!


well I cant do the class...but will you be selling any finished them, I would love to buy one...thanks

Linda Klein

So ready and so excited!!!!
Thank you so very much!

Keri Montgomery

I can't wait for this class!!!! I signed up for Watercolor class too. Looking forward to that one too.

Marsha Fisher

I found two belts today for 50 cents each...and now will be on the hunt for more! Can't wait for class to start


I really cannot wait!!
Bring it on
kaz xx

Judi V

Can't wait, just signed up!! Now I have to go and purchase a few belts - is there any chance of getting the list of things we need prior to the 1st??


Looks like a great class at a great price!!! I'm all signed up!!! (=


My husband may start missing some of his belts! lol

Susan Reaney

They are soooo cute. My daughter is getting married on the 12th of July so I am crazy busy but maybe we could both do it...I could give it to her as a gift and we could do it when this is all over!!! Very reasonable price before Wednesday!


Carol Anne

Can't wait for class to begin! I've been wanting to make these darling bracelets and so happy to be learning how from you! Thanks Christy!

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