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June 25, 2014



Those are super cute, Christie. I've been watching your progress with them on Instagram. :)

Cathy Childs Morrison

Adore your belt bands! I've been collecting old belts for flippin' eva! Gonna love this mini course Christy, thanks for much! You are such an inspiration!
Cathy Childs Morrison

Diann S Verrette

LOVE these!! Can't wait to get started. :-)

Faith Gaspar

YAY... Ready to go....

Su Hayes

I am soooo excited to be signed up for this. Can't wait to see what we do.
Thanks for the reasonable price.
I suffer from Fibro too - but if you can do it; I can do it!


LOve Love these bracelets! Can you give an estimate of the cost of all the tools if you don't have any metal work type tools. I know it depends on different things, but I just need to know the investment I would have to make. I need to start saving my pennies!

Brandi Evans

Oh yay! I have been collecting belts for awhile meaning to do something like this but have never gotten around to it. Im signed up and looking forward to a little creativity with you!

Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

you had me had the email.. I even hit the paypal button without looking to see how much it cost... I know you said to look on youtube for these tutorials, but you make everything so much FUN. woo hoo.
So happy you offered this. YAY YAY YAY

Melissa Jojhnson

I'm all signed excited about this! I've been admiring these on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks!

Sherri Trufen Tirschmann

All signed up and looking forward to this class Christy - big big hugs sent your way! :)


Just signed up!!!:) Thanks for offering this at such an affordable price!!!


All signed up and looking forward to learning something new!

Christy Tomlinson

Christine.. this is a VERY easy project.. actually doesn't take much time either, it just requires the right tools. If you have those.. then it goes pretty fast and its SUPER simple! Tools are important in this course!

Christy Tomlinson

Erica.. as with my other workshops, I don't give out supply lists until class begins. Many reasons for it.. but the biggest one is that there are many different types of metals, stamps, grommets, snaps, anvils, etc. that you can use. and i show you the different kinds. So you can decide which one you like best. Plus I also put links to all the places I buy my things online. So it won't be available until tuesday! xoxo

Christine Sawvell

So happy you are doing this! Can you please RATE this project on how hard/easy it is to do Christy?!?!

Erica m

will i be able to see a supply list before the 2nd so i can be preparred?

Denise S.

Oh I have been waiting for this and I am all signed up.
Its going to be hard to wait until the 2nd.


Wow!!! Sounds great!!

Kathleen Hertenstein

My first workshop with you and going to do this with my nieces! We are pretty excited!

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