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October 14, 2014


Dawn Louise

Hi has the winner been announced please

Barbara Dundas

Love your art, so much fun reading your blog and following you on Instagram, I would love to learn
from you.
Barbara D.


Love your art work! I'm just beginning to explore mixed media art - and only now discovering what I've been missing!

Vida O

Have you picked a winner yet? I love your art and am interested in learning more mixed media techniques.

Mary J

Having the time to be creative in a bustling world is time well used. I love the freedom to be able to create and to let that take me on any journey I choose.


One blessing is that I feel a freedom when creating. I'm truly me.


Whether it's painting, scrapbooking, drawing, etc it's a blessing to create your own personal creation and share with others. I enjoy the process of not knowing what I am creating but to see the final result is awesome. Thxs for the chance to win a spot with so many great artists.


Do you need to take classes 1-3 before you take 4?

Terese Mitchell

Being an artist makes me appreciate beauty in the tiniest of details and see the world in a multitude of colors. I think these traits make most artists appreciate and honor the differences in people and celebrate the contrasts. That's a blessing!

Angie Colwell

Love your work, and would absolutely be thrilled if I won a chance to play with you during a workshop!

Margaret Murphy

The blessing of being able to speak what lies within your soul, without saying a word.

Tania Bain

One of the manny blessings of creating art is that it bridges the gap between strangers. It has opened up a whole new way of communicating with people. When I talk to people about what excites and motivates me In the art and creative world it get them talking.

sarah lejeune

Peace. inner peace. calm. content. endless gratitude for so many people, things, the beauty in the world. truly.

Sherrie Taylor

I love creating and the feeling I get when someone likes what I do... But I am so critical of myself I sometimes don't finish a project or buy a ton of supplies, thinking I will tackle a new project...I have recently bought two of your online workshops but I am afraid to start thinking I will fail... I would love to take this course to build up my self-esteem.. I treasure your art and have followed all your work for years. I'm am hoping one day to save up and come to one of your retreats!

Carmen Buster

Being able to create is a blessing in its self! Creating is healing, freeing, and allows for self discovery!! I just love being able to get lost in the process and getting my hands dirty!!
Thank you!

Karen Loper

With me being homebound a lot due to illness therefore having to let go of so many things that I used to do, I have found Creating brings me happiness and it helps bring me peace as it calms me. Simple joy...thanks for giving a spot away to the class, it sounds like it will be awesome. Karen L

Donna Walsh

I love the blessing of calmness I feel when I am in the zone


Art makes me feel alive and real, bur somehow I lost My creativity along the road, I dream about picking it up and start live again. An opportunity like this should really give me the goal I'm missing.

Jane Lazenby

My art is my therapy, my alone time, my quiet time, and when I get up in my art room, I feel like I could stay there for days and never tire of the art being created. I never finish art for the day, never get to a stopping place, just turn the light out at night and go to bed, only to wake up with the same desire to create all over again and to learn, all I can learn about creating art.. thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in your class. I look forward to studying with you!! Jane

Marsha Gulick

When my head starts swimming with all the things that need doing; art give me a quiet place to nurture my soul. Thanks Christy!

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